Leaves turning yellow with brown spots

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  2. Going from a Solo cup to a 3 gallon pot...which, from what I can tell, is only a half-filled 5 gallon bucket, was not the best choice. You get faster foliage growth when potting up your plants by only going up in small increments in container size. The first thing a plant does when it's put into soil is start building it's root system. Until it's finished doing that, the foliage just sits and waits. The larger the space the plant has to root into, the LONGER it's going to take it to do it. It's best to go up in container size one at a time until you get them to the size and container you wish to flower in. It's the fastest way I know to get one from seed/clone to a size for flower. I would take it out of that bucket and get it about a #2 pot and put it in that. And ALWAYS fill your containers up. You've got that thing sitting so far down in the bucket that it can get no benefit from any lighting on the sides. You also desperately need better soil. These plants require a very light arid soil for ease of drainage and root expansion. If you're using off the shelf soil, you'll need to amend it about 50% with perlite. If you don't, your soil will just hold moisture like a sponge and your plant will get sick. It's always best, if you can, to go with formulated grow soil. Using good soil and proper potting technique will keep you from having to start nutes until way on down the line. Nutes shouldn't be given until the plant has used up all the nutes that come naturally in the soil. Most people thing they're the key to a big fine plant, but that's just not the way it is. You need enough nutes to feed your plant when the soil can't do it for you anymore, and no more. You can fry them in a heartbeat with that stuff if you don't know what you're doing. The secret to big fat buds is your light source during flower. Take a healthy plant and put it into flower under a good powerful flower lamp and GIVE IT ENOUGH ROOM to do it's thing, and you just wouldn't believe what it will yield. However, crowd 3 plants under a light only strong enough for one, and you will shoot yourself in the foot as far as yield goes because they all just shade each other out and nothing below the canopy will get any light. You can always harvest more off one plant that is healthy, well taken care of and gets all the good flower lighting it can stand, than you can by shoving 2 or 3 in the same space.

    Get on the new grower threads and read some of the "sticky's" for new growers. They contain the super important basic information all growers need when starting out on this journey. Learning HOW to do this the right way is just as important as the equipment you choose to grow with. They both work hand in hand and one is no good without the other. But just take some time to read up on this process before you go much further or you'll be lost and confused like so many others. Good luck and happy growing! TWW
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