leaves turning yellow/oh crap!

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  1. I could do with a bit of advice , sooner the better. I have 5 skunk/s.India females, 3 weeks into flowering under a 400 hps. The leaves are starting to turn yellow, started off at the bottom of the plants but now progressing upwards.There is a possibility that they are a bit pot-bound { 9 inch pots, 2 ft plants} but i dont have space for pots any bigger. I am also aware that this could be N deficiency but am unsure whether to feed or not as at the moment i only have Miracle -Gro { 15-30-15} and dont want to hurt the buds. Overfeeding/watering is not the cause of my woes, i am pretty sure. Oh, by the way they are in a coir/ perlite mix. Any help would greatly appreciated guys.
  2. Sounds very much like an "N" deficiency, I have been using the same miracle grow on my plants, been flowering 4 weeks now, i will continue with ferts until the end of the 6th week and then start with only water for the last couple of weeks.
    Use the miracle grow on them now, but remember to stop with ferts for the last two weeks to allow the chemicals to be flushed out.
    good luck.
  3. im almost done with my second grow now and ive never used any fers and have had fairly good yeilds,,,what is the actual benefit of using them?>?(I know its a stupid question but im pretty stoned and just kinda want to know some specifics)
  4. Many thanks to woody + mcurry for your replies. It is great to have some reassurance from someone who has been through the learning process. I will let you all know how things progress.
  5. yes i do use pre-ferted soil

    Should istill add nutrients??

    If so,, how lng after initial planting should i add them

    Is there a certian type that anyone could reccommend??

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