Leaves turning yellow and dying off anyone know what this looks like?

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  1. This is a bagseed, she's 1 1/2 months into flower and has been perfectly healthy up to this point. She's in 5 gal of FF ocean forest, FF nutes, 600w mars LED, ph is 7. About 70 degrees 75% humidity. The leaves started turning yellow about a week ago and went down hill fast. The light is about 2 ft above it so I wouldn't think it is heat stress. Fortunately, the bud seems to be unaffected for the time being. Any ideas?

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  2. Why are you feeding and using ff?
    Just asking because I use ff ocean forest and never feed.
  3. What do you mean? I've always fed my plants ff nutes in oven blend
  4. they look close enough to done that it doesn't really seem like there's anything you can do. They usually lose their leaves towards end of flower, yours are draining up something fast like it was deficient, but like I say you look nearly done.
  5. You are burning them with too many nutrients and too much light. It’s not heat stress, the light is too close. A 600 W LED should finish around 5 feet away. LED is great but they are too bright and focused. Raise the light as high up as you can, notice that the top leaves are burnt to a crisp while the bottom of the plant looks healthier because it’s farther from the light. Don’t confuse heat with amount of light.
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  6. I see, I'm using 2 300w lights, do you you think I should take one down. Can only get about 3 ft above it in my grow space. And I follow the chart and only give the recommended amount of the nutes but it does look like nite burn as well, I'll flush it out in the morning hopefully I can't stop this before it goes too far.
  7. Looks completely natural to me......leaves start "dying off" the closer they get to harvest..... just keep feeding them water
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  8. Not too sure the problem but if you’re using Fox Farms Ocean Forest Blend you’re going to want to feed with just plain water every so often. It’s already pretty hot and like someone mentioned, you don’t really need nutes more often then not. If so it’s nothing too much.
    A little bit can go a long way.
    Even for the rest of us soil guys a good ol plain watering every now and then won’t hurt. :thumbsup::thumbsup:
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  9. Ocean forest will not keep a plant fed until harvest. 0 people would agree with your methods.
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  10. 100% you do not keep an LED 5 feet away from the canopy. Especially not in flower.
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  11. It looks like a ph issue. Ocean forest has crushed oyster shell in it so you do not have to ph the water/feed at all. The soil will take care of that for you. Adjusting it yourself will only cause problems in the long haul.
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  12. 1.5 months into flower seems to early for this to happen though. And most of the lower bud growths are far too immature to be near harvest.
  13. That's interesting, I've never heard that before.
  14. I use plain water fairy often. I water every other day and give nutes with the water once a week.
  15. This is what she looked like 8 days ago. Idk what could cause such a dramatic shift in such a short time.

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  16. Wow really? I won’t begin to argue. Look at my avatar picture. You don’t even have to ph when using FF ocean forest. I’ve only been doing this over a decade.
    Good luck
  17. How much do you yield per plant without using nutes?
  18. About 6-8 oz, depends on the strain of course. This time it’s GG4.
    I just add more soil to the pots. I don’t even ph my water 1000 watt hps, 8 plants average at a time.
    I also veg with only ff ocean and cfls. I have @ 20 very leg ladies under only cfls from Home Depot.
  19. BF50D4FA-CB4E-4DF4-9F21-43E1F80E105E.jpeg
    Snowy, about 9 weeks, she’s a straggler lol
  20. Wow this is the first I'm hearing of growing without nutes or PHing the water and I've been using FF for a few years now, never had a problem with a grow until now. But the feed always seems to give a boost in growth so idk why I wouldn't use it.
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