leaves turning yellow 1 week flower

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  1. some clones i got are now in the 12/12 phase

    i got them from someone who was probably adding nutrients, and it should be noted that i have only been watering with just water.

    anyways somne of the very bottom leaves have gotten so dry and yellow that they fall off..

    this cant be good??

    any advice?

    also i read on a few other sites that since they jsut started flowering that a plant will drop the leaves that are not producing buds.

    i just looked at my plants and the leaves that are starting to yellow on my healthiest plant are all leave with no nodes on them. the other plant is also dropping leaves with no nodes. is it just a natural process? some are so dry and dead that they powder when you pluck them.
  2. Yellowing of the yellow leaves is a sign of Nitrogen deficiency. It could be a pH problem but since you haven't been feeding them they are eating the old growth. You need to get some nutrients man! They are starving probably.
  3. thats what i was thinking?

    but what do you know about yellowing leaves being natural?

    i would hate to get some nutrients tomorrow and fry my plant.

    i do have a pretty friendly grow store though and they should be able to help me so i will most definitely look into it tomorrow :smoke:
  4. Yellowing isn't always a nitrogen deficiency, but that's among the most common causes. And yes, it is natural for the plant to start yellowing in the lower growth during the flowering phase precisely because it is eating up its own stored nitrogen reserves, but 1 week into 12/12 is way early. xshadowshooter is on the right path, if you haven't been feeding them then that would explain why they are tapping their own reserves so early. The challenge now is that you don't want to add N during flowering because it inhibits bud production, but if you don't the plant could die before you get to the finish line.

    You might want to put these plants back into veg so that you can give them nitrogen-rich ferts (which is appropriate for veg stage) and let them build up their reserves a bit more before going back to flowering.

    The other possibility is that your pH is whacked so you have nute lockout, but as xshadowshooter observed that is unlikely since you haven't been feeding. But pH could still be whacked, so I would recommend flushing the soil just to be sure and monitoring your pH closely from here on out.
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    fuck well i most certainly dont want to fuck up my plants.

    ugh i wanted this first time around to not be so god damn complicated. argh! lol

    so im gonna go to the store tomorrow and see what i should do.

    like you said i dont want my plant to die but if i add N is it going to mess with the buds already producing. i mean the white hairs are coming along nicely.

    i dono what to do now!

    thanks for the help!:wave:

    also how bad is it to put it back into the veg state? and what would my other options be to correct this problem
  6. i got soming like your yellow leaves but my plants tops are tureing yellow and thay been flowering for 1 week.were the plant grow on top its comeing out yellow
  7. Even though you are in flower, you can still add some mild nitrogen fertilizer. If it is that deficient, it will gobble it up and won't cause the plant to kick out with new extra growth.

  8. word this is what i was hoping i could do.

    im going to get up and around today and go visit my local hydro store! :smoke:
  9. Fairly new to growing myself, however I've read that once you started the flowering phase at 12/12 you should not mess with the light cycle or you risk turning your plants gay (male, hermie) It does seem most logical to add a mild nitrogen mix and go from there. I'm keeping posted to learn from any mistakes I see.

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