Leaves turning purple

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Midnight Toker, Jan 3, 2002.

  1. Anyone have this problem before. I have some leaves turning purple and then getting almost black. Never had this problem before. Thanks for any help...
  2. sorry MT, i haven't a clue. Maybe you've been smoking too much and other things are going purple too. When somebody answers this question seriously, could you tell me if yellow spots on my leaves could be heat burning ( i let them get a bit close to the flouros i think) or is it too much fertiliser.
  3. Purple leaves, stems, petioles are naturally ocurring on some varieties. Otherwise, purple/red discoloration indicates phosphorous deficiency or exposure to too much cold weather.

    Yellow spots on the leaves can be either heat stress or over fertilization. If the leaf tips are yellow/brown its usually over fert. if the leaves are too close to the light and the spots are scattered on the leaf surface, its probably heat stress.
  4. must be heat stress then, thanx for that big poppa. It was only on the uppermost leaves so that confirms my thoughts. Is it wise to keep upping the amount of fert until i see yellow tinges or should i stick with a safe amount ( i'm using shitty indoor plant liquid fert, and already use loads more than it says on the bottle).

    only one of my (random) plants has a purple stem too. It also smells the most. it is growing with much smaller leaves than the rest in a thick column. Does this mean i'm onto a winner or is something going wrong?
  5. Just follow the directions on the back of the fertilizer bottle just like it was a tomato plant, i.e. if the bottle gives different concentration for different plants, follow the tomato directions.

    Fertilizer companies make their money by selling more fertilizer. They know what the maximum concentration to tell the consumer so the most fertilizer will be used but won't kill the plants. Directions are probably skewed to higher than needed concentrations. So any concentration used that is higher than the directions will probably be harmful to the plant.

    Number one rule, Don't overwater or overfertilize, keep it simple and let nature do her job.

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