leaves starting to turn yellow from bottom

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  1. i included pictures to better discribe whats going on.. little concerned tho... i want to get this all takin care of soon... if anyone has some knowledge of what this is please let me know

    the 1st two pictres are of the same plant.. the 2nd if another plant

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  2. The all-over yellowing on at least one of the bottom leaves is from Nitrogen deficiency. The dry, brown patches on the leaves are from Phosphorus deficiency.
  3. oh nice easy fix!! thanks man!
  4. This certainly could be a N or a K definciency, but I would also suggest that the lower leaves sometimes discolor when they're about to die off because it's just a part of the growing cycle.

    the lower leaves don't need to be there, so the plant lets them die off and gives the energy and the nutes to the upper leaves.

    it's a thought...
  5. thanks for the info all.. turns out my pups got a little jealous of the 2 plants i had and ... well ... ate them.... lol... oh well.. i guess i'll just stick to hops anyway.. they grow so much faster hahah i am so impatient to grow anything else. i'll just stick to buying from the local medical MJ place around here.. so much easier! thanks all.

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