leaves look yellowing

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  1. Any input and help would b great, I put my seedings into my tent with a 600 w ballast sun glow temp ranges from 77 to 86 I have been giving them 1/4 feed but the leaves look like there going yellow :( does anyone know why
  2. Will post some pics when i get home after work too
  3. seedlings + nutrients = no good.

    Let your plant develop a little first.

    which nutrients are you using? that could be the other issue
  4. Oreet cheers will try just normal ph'd water, am using biobiz bio grow
  5. The seedlings have kinda big leaves n two small ones developing
  6. Reet just got home from work now n temp was 87 so iv opened the tent n its now 79 here's some pics can someone give me some feedback on them to let me know if everything is going ok I am abit worried about the fifth one but hopefully perk up p.s will be leaving tent open till they are bigger :)

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  7. yea, too young for nutes ... hold off for like 10 days, atleast ... and when u start feeding them, start slow.

    remember, when it comes to gving your plants nutrients, LESS is always better then TOO MUCH.
  8. 1. some heat stress going on. i dont really believe cannibas plants cant stand getting too hot, but when they are young like that they do. its like leaving a child in a hot car vs leaving a grow person.
    2. are they getting enough water? you want to make sure you get the soil nice and wet. not mud!! but that all the soil is wet.
  9. Ok brilliant ill just give em ph'd water for now n ill keep tent open to keep at a nice temp n hopefully have it closed once they start to let out a smell :)

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