Leaves going down , what to do ?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by hg420, Jul 24, 2017.

  1. So this is my first plant Auto Blackberry whis is in second week , and the leaves looks like going down and getting a bit curly , im using 600w hps and feeding with samurai coca A+B small doses in the water tank which i water every 2 days. Any suggestions ?[​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. Looks like over watering dude.
  3. I water it every 2 days but always with nutrients

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  4. Still looks pretty wet man, I'm a newbie but does not look like any other problems other than watering, do they have drain holes ?
  5. Drain holes ? I use smart pots and the soil is cana coco with perlite

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  6. Ah yeah fucks me then bro like I said I'm a noob, but to me does look like over watering... sorry can't help more :(
  7. Also could be nitrogen toxxictcy - "the claw" google it and have a look, I had that problem and looks like your leaves are doing the same thing.
  8. Have you done anything different in the last few days?
  9. Yesterday tried watering a bit more , and raised lamp a bit from a plant

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  10. You're over watering...too much food.
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  11. So should i cut the water for 3 days or something ?

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  12. I tried cutting the nutes to a 1/4 strength and watering less, just don't le the coco dry out completely.
  13. Yeah ease up on water for a few days should spruce back up, i would avoid watering on a schedule and try not to complete soak the soil everytime hqve some heavy waterings and some lighter ones here and there.

    Wdit: nevermind didnt realize you were in coco, to which ive never used but still ease up on the water lol should be fine
  14. No need to use nutes right now, it looks healthy imo. Water the plant when the first inch of soil is dry to the touch.

    ditto neva mind thought u were using soil
  15. That what i was doing as soon as i see an inch quite dry i was pouring some water but just yesterday i think i did heavy watering before it was like 2-3 cups of water

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  16. Do the weight test. If it's light as a feather when you pick it up, it needs water. Other than that there's still moisture to be absorbed. Over watering is the number 1 thing newbies mess up on, thinking more water and nutes will perk their plant up.

    Remember roots need water AND Oxygen. Too much water = not enough oxygen. Also Coco holds water really well so you can go longer between feedings. You may want to add some Perlite to increase drainage.

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  17. I have perlite mixed in coco , so would it be alright to water it every 3 days maybe ?

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  18. Did you possibly adjust your light before you noticed the leaves droop. If you move lights closer too fast. The plant may react by curling it's leaved down.

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  19. Nah i moved it a bit futher more away when i noticed the leaves going down

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  20. It restored a bit to normal but the smaller leaves at the top still look quite tired :D[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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