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  1. At first the leaves were droopy because I think I over watered it when I transplanted... the leaves stiffened up when the plant was dry but everytime I add just a little water the leaves start to droop again MAYBE it's because I did start to use the sink water which ph is at about 7.8... and 121 ppm... maybe this is why.... but my friend said I should give it nutrients which I haven't at all since I planted it from seed..well I did and now the leaves are curling which has never happend :( I used the general organics go box stuff... but I only gave half the doses for each thing I gave it 5ml biothrive grow 2.5 mg camg 5ml bio root and 1.2 bio weed.. is there anything that I can do what do I do I dont want my plant to die...
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    I've asked in this forum so many times what nutrients to give and how much and when and not once did I ever get an answer at all about nutrients.. I need a new forum.

    Update : i just over watered it with fiji water and soaked up what came out of the bottom of the pot with a towel I'm really hoping my plant comes back from this I only have one and cannot restart now
  3. If you're growing in soil i'd say 9/10 times if you just store tap water for 48h before giving it to plants, you should be fine. I also doubt if you're using good loose/airy/perlited soil non-reused soil that you should worry about giving any nutes in the first 3-5 weeks... Some people have said this encourages root expansion, but obviously depends on how large pot of soil you're using... PH adjusting tap water without RO filter is a mess... I haven't been able to come up with a formula and i suspect it's all the minerals etc in tap water that makes it near impossible to create stable PH:ed water.
  4. Make sure you don't have wind stress curling. It's crucial that they just wiggle a bit to let leafs work optimally.
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  5. I'm flushing the ppm down..... the run off went from 900+ to 180... think I'll flush again once or twice more
  6. I haven't looked in to that run-off PPM stuff and i am about to hit hay. Just keep in mind that girls like good wet-dry cycle so don't go too overboard with watering or flushing too often.
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  7. pics would be helpful first stage of veg 300-400ppm second stage of veg 450ppm-700ppm first part of flower 750ppm-950ppm second stage of flower 1,000ppm- 1,600ppm then flush about 2 weeks from harvest and only feed 0ppm or as close as you can get (reverse osmosis water has 0ppm) water until you harvest. I use fox farm line of nutrients. regardless of plants cycle I wouldn't flush anymore if youre already down to 180ppm

    you can flush every time you water but youll rinse all the nutes out its best to not flush more than every ten days. I flush every 3 to 4 weeks to reset soil and break up any extra build up. you cant over water your plant during a watering only in watering too often not allowing your soil to dry properly. be less worried about underwatering. they will bounce back after several hours after watering however overwatering is detrimental
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    Well I did it again before reading your reply I flushed it at first the run off was reading 50 I read somewhere i was supposed to get it down to 50 or whatever the ppm of the water is... well then i flushed it a little more and it was all of a sudden back up to the 350s I was like what the?!?! I thought I picked up the wrong water that had sink water again then i kept flushing with the Fiji water which this new bottle was reading higher than the last one but than the run off went back down to about 230 I think.. idk what's going on so I was gonna do it again just one more time to be sure... but idk maybe I shouldnt ?? I really need help my brain is having a hard time calculating all this...Ive simply just gave it mostly the Fiji water its whole life no nutrients whatsoever.. I was scared to use nutrients.. I thought it was doing fine without nutrients and now I'm scarred and I never ever wanna give it nutrients again!!!! ... My poor baby "francine" I call her.. her stem even is drooping now I'm so worried

    I'm worried now u say over watering is detrimental..ofcourse I would never be doing this if I hadn't put the plant into a nutrient shock!!!!! I read to put 5 to 8 ties the amount of water as the container the plant is in.. that's why I was doing that... what would I need to do in order for over watering to be detrimental so I dont do that??

    .. heres a question though how long do I wait to water her again after the top of the soil is dry...
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    how often are you doing this? my advise leave them alone youre doing waaaaay too much. I wouldn't hold where you read 50ppm was a good number for proper ppm. when a seed sprouts it doesn't need anything to feed on only for the first two weeks or round about. they get all they need from sprout to around that two week mark, from their seed casing. after that they need food, They don't need a lot of food, most soils will cover this part for a few more weeks. 350 is perfect if youre still in early stages of the plants life cycle. rotate ph water/ feeding nutes. evrery 3 to 4 days is how long you should be waiting to water if soil is aerated properly. 20200430_133929.jpg

    as I mentioned pictures would say a thousand words in determining issues and suggesting any advise, as I can only speculate without visually seeing what your plats look like
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    I edited my last reply to you just saying... I have a picture of it from earlier today when it looked pretty great!! but I dont have one when its leaves are curled and I dont want to take one now because it's supposed to be in the dark!!! But right now it just looks really really droopely....especially the top leaves.. one of them is touching the leaf below because the top of the stem is slightly tilted ina droop.. its stem kinda perked up since the last time I flushed but then i did end up flushing it again just now to be sure and I think now it's good to go... because the last reading I did the runoff ppm is exactly the fiji water ppm and because u said I should stop.. but also now the leaves arent curled.. they seemed to have uncurled... I love how the plant communicates with us
  11. Thanks for your hemp... lol *help

    How long should I wait to water her after the top of the soil becomes dry???
  12. i make my plants pass 3 tests before i water unless i just let them droop from underwatering i haven't seen a negative side effect from underwatering. now of course i water hours or less after shown effects of underwatering. but be less concerned about underwatering. i make sure pot is light lift your pot before watering it should be fairly light, then lift again after watering. you will notice a good weight difference. second i visually look at the top soil, does the top soil appear to be dry. if the pots light and top soil looks dry i stick my finger about first knuckle deep or an inch deep into the soil does that feel dry. If its yes to all three then i water. I water every 3 to 4 days giving about 20% runoff sometimes more, i will also check run off ph and ppm maybe not every time but regularly. if you are aware of exactly what is going in and out of youre plants it really makes growing easier. you will run into a lot less issues.
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  13. Woke up and seen francine.. how horrible.. her stems are going red and her leads look like they're peeling and still CURLING ... :'(
  14. Please help @GroBuddy even one of her true leaves is falling now they both look horrible
  15. I'm trying to post a picture 20200523_083456.jpg
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  16. I cant help anymore without pics I would say its stressed af
  17. your bottom growth looks normal? just your top and new growth is curled?
  18. Mostly just the top leaves the stems have gone purple red a little bit too I posted a pic and heres the true leaves 20200523_084535.jpg
  19. whats your ph again
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    The ph of the fiji water I gave it last night is about 7. 3 to 7.1 and the sink water is about 7.5

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