leaves curling up

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by smallop, Nov 30, 2003.

  1. hey guys... what do you think could be causing this?
    I am growing 20 seeds, 10 jack herer/northernlights and 10 kali mist/bc big bud. since the first week they have been feed mother earth tea grow (1.50-0.75-1.50)45ml/4l. Under a 1000w/hps.
    just recently some of the edges of the leaves have started to turn up. Everything I've found about this subject also includes leaves yellowing which i dont have. the plants appear to be very healthy, nice dark green, aside from the edges of the leaves on three of the plants.
    (its not all the leaves on the plant either)
    Theyve been well watered so i know thats not the issue.
    any ideas??
    thank you!
  2. easy one... from what you tell me it sounds like you clearly have the lights to close... well not really the lights but the plant is to hot.. ither get more direct air blowing on the plant area to cool it or raise your lights. your doing fine tho :p keep it up
  3. sweet thanks! just to double check though, its not the entire leaf thats curling, its just the very edges..
    how close to the top of the plants should a 1000w/hps light be? the plants are about 16-20" away from the light right now.
    tempurature is 24degrees.
    thanks man
  4. maybe combo of too much light and heat and fert's.
  5. and i think u are still too close for babies to be at a 1000w bulb...that muther is hot.

    also u didnt mention a fan...ya need one with a 1000w bulb.

    remember that 3000lumes per cuft is about max. light exposure. a 1000w bulb sends out about 60k? lumes so that is alot of space, like 20 cuft. that is max...u dont need but 1500 for a decent yield.

    as seedlings i have about 1800lumes/cuft of cool cf's. ill race ya and ill bet ill win.
  6. Your 1000 w is pumping out over 160 ,000 lumens when your plants only need a 400w hps at most...you should upgrade your wattage as your plants grow as the cost could be astronomical from running a thou for 18 hours a day or even 12.. try a 400 if you can get one untill plants are 12-18 inches then hit then with the 1000...less cost better growth..and get an air intake ..its essential
  7. Can over watering cause this too?

    Ive got a 8" seedling nice solid growth. All of a sudden one of the pairs of middle leaves are curling under, actually wilting......but no yellowing. Top leaves near light are fine (as are all the other plants).

    Only thing I can think is ive given it too much water. But the other leaves are fine.

    The wilted ones are really folding under (one set of fans) Should i cut them off?
  8. The plant has decided either it doent need them to concentrate on growth at the top or could be slight over feeding hitting bottom leaves 1st..
  9. Jesus, stop confusing the guy...hehehehe.... This one is a no brainer. His plants are suffering from heat stress, not a nute deficiency or a possible genectic flaw. If just the very margins of the leaf are cupping/curling upward, you have heat stress.

    What happens is that is plant s is loosing moisture through it's leaves faster than it can replace it because it is too hot. This can cause cell wall damage.

    To clear up the problem, raise that 1000 HPS to about 24"- 36# inches away from the tops of the plants. Keep the temps below 85 degrees, 80 degrees or lower prefferably. Place a fan between the top of the plants and the bulb to cool the bulb and to blow the hot air away from the top of your plants to keep them cool. Hope this helped.....
  10. ha i opened this post to write an answer then i saw that i already did a couple of months ago... haha..... DOH
  11. hey! i have the exact same problem, 3 weeks veg, yellow ends on first set of leaves, but my 5 leaf branch, the leaves are starting to curl.....thanks for all the help, light WERE too close..lol
  12. I have a similar problem to this. Leaves are curling upwards, yellowing on the bottom leaves. Plants are still young, only a few inches tall.

    I had the lights on a 24/0 schedule.

    I switched to 18/6 two nights ago.

    Do you guys think that should help?

    BTW, using a 400W HPS. Distance from top of plant shouldn't be an issue. They're in a wide open room, plenty of ventilation and fans.

    Any advice?
  13. hi im growing a marujuana plant he leafs are going up its still a baby just started to get its second leavs its green nothing seems to be wrong with it just the first leavvs are curling up is it growing ok every thing seems ok ?
  14. Just being curious about my plant. The edges of the leaves are starting to curl. Almost like shriveled but they are green as they can get. What could this be from.
  15. nitrogen toxcicity. ease up on the N.

    please dont bring up 7 year old threads, just make a new one :smoke: ya stoner lol
  16. Thanx everyone for the input.. My first grow "Caramelicious". Plants doing great at less than a month.. Had a problem with three of eight plants showing yellowing and occasional leaf curl... Installed two small fans to circulate air around plants. With recent transplant and topping want to reduce stress as much as possible.. (using VHO flourescents,, will supplement later)
  17. Got 4 plants out side grow and in Florida!There about 4 ft tall 2 saliva and 2 indica doing great and week 2 flowering.K leaves are curling on one plant and not the others but it is my tallest plant.No yellow leaves just some curling.Dont know if its over watering or a heat issue because I can't have a fan on them and its really hot here now and that when I notices since it got got!Any help on this?Thinking of flushing just that plant and see what happens.

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