Leaves curling up like a canoe?

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  1. Help my plant here in the pic is 9 days old from popping soil. I just looked in my tent and noticed it was curling up. I researched a bit and found that could be lights to close? I'm using 42w 6500k cfls and it was about 1.25" inches from the top of the plant so I moved it another inch up. Was that the problem or could it be something else? I have been keeping a grow journal (link in sig) and the ph has been a steady 6-6.3 and temps in the mid 70's. I gave it an 1/8 dose of fox farm grow big two days ago but it had been loving life up till now.

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  2. Flush that grow big outta the soil,  as you have answered your own post, whilst you are at it, roots don't like light, go get some black plastic pots, flush with 3 times the volume of the pot with ph neutral air temperate water, allow tor recover over night in dim light, or 1x day, no food for 7 days, even then 50% less
  3. Wow vostok you must love saying the same thing to 100 people each week!
  4. It can either be from high heat from a light being too close, or it can be overwatering. Your temps sound alright. Use the back of your hand to gauge how far away from the bulb the heat starts.
  5. I have ordered some smart pots that should be here tomorrow. I think the light may have been the issue. I checked it with my hand and it didn't seem hot but I moved it up about a half hour before the lights went off and I just peeked in there and it seems to be flattening back out.
  6. He probably has it copied to a clipboard to save time chipper....since it's the most common fix.

    You know. ..if it weren't for crappy store bought premixed soil or ridiculous amounts/ratios of nutrients suggested by manufacturers he could spend more time in his own garden rather than fixing the hell that these jackwagons create.

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    It's actually 253 growers per week, is repetitious, but
    So long as it's dumb fucks like you who keep fucking up grows .. I'll keep improving my English whilst helping the plants indirectly ..lol
    Jack Wagons I've never heard before, tho I prefer the more direct Dumb Fucks, I did have an extrensive blog until the recent GC update, now lies shattered over GC servers world wide.
    try here: http://forum.grasscity.com/blog/1093/entry-9829-flush-baby-flush/
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    This ^^^. Most likely it's both imo. I would stop watering for a while (don't do any flushes, if it's overwatering you are going to straight drown her with all that waterx3). Don't do any nutes either for at least couple of weeks, she is too small to be force-fed. Lift the pot and try to feel the weight of dry vs. wet soil and find a happy middle. HTH and good luck. She looks like she's going to pull through.
  9. Thanks guys she was a tad over watered but it was the light causing the problem. She's happy now

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