Leaves curling up and can't figure out why

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Ganjawanna, Aug 21, 2008.

    • Hydro or Soil - Soil
    • Type of light? 600W HPS, 24hours
    • "Atmosphere" Conditions Lots of airflow, temp stays on a range of 81 to 85 *F, humidity around 48-51
    • Waterings - Try to water every 3 days but lately i've been worrying so it's been more. Been using high phosphate, Mg, and Si..
    • PH Range pH going into it is about 6.0, coming out about the same. can only make do with pH color tester
    • Nutrients/Supplements Using water with a mix of two nutrients. Both are made by botanicare. 10ml's of 1.5%Mg 2% Sulfur, .06% iron, per 1 gallon. AND 6.5ml's of 3% Nitrogen, 2% of P2O54% K2O, and .05% Mg.
    • Pictures if possible! (Posting pictures can describe the problem for you)
    • Design and Dates plants are about 10 days and 2 weeks old.
    • Other I started them in rockwool and then just planted them right into soil, black gold is the brand name.
    Any tips and advice welcome. This is the first grow op i've done on my own.. always been more incharge of the technical aspects before, not the growing.

    Thanks in advance.

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  1. Hmmm... From what i've read, most of the time when the leafs curl up, it Ph related? But could also be Mg deficiency??

    How close do you keep your light to the plant?

    Think about purchasing a Ph meter!? Cant trust probes or those paper... Even' though I rather paper then those cheap @$$ probes! = )
  2. I'm adding plenty of Mg, mostly because I heard that low Mg could cause this.
  3. I'm pretty sure that when leaves "taco," like yours are doing, it's a sign of heat stress. The leaf is trying to lessen the amount of surface area that the light is hitting. A similar sign is if the leaf tip is curling down. What you want to do is move the light a couple of inches away from the plant. This was happening to me for the first two weeks of my grow, and when I moved the light up four inches, it went away, even though my temps said I was find (~80F).
  4. I did move the light a little bit, it's been 20" away. what also is weird, that you'll notice from the pics, is that only the younger plants get the curling.. those older plants had curled leaves for a bit then cured themselves when they got older. has anyone seen this behavior before?
  5. more pics

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  6. Yeah, my plants did that too. My second plant's leaves curled not up, down, or taco-shaped, but perpendicular to the growth of the plant (i.e. parallel to the floor), which, when looked at from above, made the leaves look like devil's horns. But others did curl up, down, and tacoed, and then later, they righted themselves, so I'd move the light a bit away, and then just wait it out. Most things that happen to your plants can be solved by being patient and letting nature take its course. The obvious exception is very serious nutrient deficiencies, and pests. In other words, you should be fine, don't worry so much. They've survived without you in the wild (a much more harsh environment that your relatively sealed grow room) for thousands of years. They're designed to withstand many things without too much lasting damage.

    Also, after looking at your pictures again, I'd say you're nearing transplanting time. Move them into three to five gallon pots (rule of thumb: one gallon pot per one foot plant), and that will help them to grow more and expand their roots (having root bound plants won't help your situation).

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