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Leaves Curling Down

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by fallingpeople, May 29, 2009.

  1. I have a few bushy Indicas and recently some of the branch leaves started to curl downwards. Also one of my sativas leaves are drooping, is the discoloration on the bottom leaf from to much nitrogen?
    All my plants were just watered yesterday.
    They are on 18/6 light
    400w hps & 1000w hps
    Fox Farm Grow Big fert, 500ppm

    Any advice or criticism is greatly appreciated!

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  2. Sometimes the plants curl to try to get hit by more light. As far as nutrient deficiencies I'm not sure I have anything helpful to say as I can't really tell. The soil does look a little parched, but I honestly could not say unless I saw it in person. If the first quarter inch of soil is dry water it.
  3. My un-educated opinion is that it's fert burn. Fox Farm burns a lot of strains while they are fairly young. Maybe worth investigating.
  4. How hot does it get in your room? Sometimes a plants leaves will curl down to try and protect the stoma on the underside of the leaf. I had problems with starting to strong on fox farms grow big and killed one of my plants and the other one probally won't make it back.

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