Leaves bending, not curling, downwards?

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  1. Is this from overwatering maybe? I stuck my finger in the soil (all organic soil) and it always feels horribly dry so I have been watering almost every day (with spray bottle). When i stick my finger in the soil 1" i feel no dampness and the soil always sticks to my finger. So i've just been going by that. I really don't think its from overwatering.

    Sorry for the fuzzzy pictures

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  2. Just looks dry, water them and see what happens, could be other issues too, but seed plants are easy to maintain.
  3. what brand of soil
  4. Miracle Grow Organic .10-.05-.05

    -Ganja I love your flash gallery. I've built a few flash galleries in my time and i like what you've done

    - I went by grandpa's grow guide's following quote:

    "The soil you want has to have a ratio higher in N and lower in P and K. For example: 20-10-10 or 10-7-5. This is a typical ‘grow’ formula. If they sell soil specifically for growing tomatoes you can take that; grow characteristics are almost the same as for weed."

    The soil i got was specifically for tomatoes and herbs with that 10-5-5 ratio. Like I mentioned, it's felt quite dry and stuck to my finger eveytime i stick my finger into the pot 1" down. I've been careful not to overwater but find myself using the spray bottle (natural spring water) once a day on the top level of the soil.

    Any suggestions?
  5. well, a lot of poeple swear against using soil with any type of ferts in it. My "supersoil" brand that I use has a small amount of nutes in it like that and they grew fine. Out of two plants, I pulled one male and got the female a week into budding, its so amazing watching it grow =]

    I think your problem is that your spraying water on the top and its just evaporating off and not really going to the roots like if you poured water on it. Try pouring 2 or 3 ounces of water on the soil and see what happens. Just make sure you dont start over watering.
  6. I tried putting about 3-4oz of water...it would settle on the top of the soil for about 30 secs before disappearing. I really feel like they're not gettin enough water but from everything i've read it's best to err on the side of caution when watering and go with less. I dunno...I'm not going to water for 2 days. I'll just watch him and if he gets worse i'll water more.
  7. your problem is your soil miracle grow soil and seedlings do not get along
  8. I understand some people just say miracle grow=no no and they swear to that...but this soil is formulated for tomatoes and herbs and has lower ratio's than others. I was figuring if the soil was low on nitrogen, i could add it manually. I won't be replanting so that's not going to help me. If they do die then yes, my next try will include the fox farm ocean soil i've heard about. What else could be causing this? I've seen some small fly's around.
  9. small flies maybe fungus gnats, use neem oil


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