Leaves are pointing upwards

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  1. Just wanted to know the reason why the leaves are pointing upwards read a lot of threads but can never get a straight answer anybody know the reason for this input would be greatly appreciated

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  2. That looks like a really healthy seedling to me.. most of the time they point upwards like that because they are what people call "stretching" the leaves are reaching for the light typically happens when the light u r using isn't intense enough for the strain you are growing. Looks like u r using a fluorescent which works well for sprouting and maybe 1st week of growth but after that ideally you want to use an HID of some sort minimum 400w. Hopefully this helps!
  3. Thank you very much
  4. Looks perfect

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  5. i've noticed on bigger plants the leaves will even sometimes turn vertical to get light to its fellow leaves below it's trippy
  6. See mine do the same


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  7. Thats nice how old are they since seed?
  8. Two NL are jan1 and head band is dec15 and the two chem dog ( tall one not topped) are feb 1


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  9. That is sweet
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    That tall one chemdog was sprouted feb 1 and flowered feb 21 3 weeks of life

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  11. Nah man you can do it too just stay open and learn from who you can

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