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Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by Mr Cheeze, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. So all im asking is should I unplug my led light or is this light okay just switched off?

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  2. why the reason to turn off or unplug? ,,mac,
  3. Why two threads?
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  4. Is it a problem or will pitch black be vetter
  5. Ao
    sorry im new working things out still
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  6. turn the lights out compleatly or if you have to unplug them ,,,mac,,
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  7. A $10 timer fixes your problem

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  8. So that photo with the lights on is when they are off so are U suggesting unpluging them is right?Edot grammar
  9. if you have turned the lights off and its still lighting up ,,of course unplug them ...mac
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  10. yes lights have to be out in photo strains reg seed or femmed seed plants ,,,but if your plant's are Autos you can leave the lights on 24 hours ....mac,
  11. Well what im saying is this light is off but when it's on its led purple. So is this light nessasiy bad as U can see it's weak enough that my camera cant pick up light
  12. Well could the light be depicting the moonlight? Is all im .trying to get. Down to cause it's purple when it's on I didn't thinking I needed to show difference
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    man your fulking hard work ,,,turn the light off when plants had 18 hours light ,,give it 6 hours darkness ,,,for veg then when you want it to flower give plant 12 hour light and 12 hour darkness ,,,its not bloody rocket science ,,,and when i say darkness i mean darkness no lights on just dark ,,nothing to do with moon light ,,,mac,
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  14. .
    No sorry I made a mistake last quote the light in the photo is off its alot brighter when it's on
  15. Well the plants still dark just as if U were trying to look at any plant out in a full moon
  16. you dont need any light at all when plant is supposed to be in darkness ,,,,,,mac
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  17. Is this bad
  18. Is this bad

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  19. Is this bad
  20. what is bad? just how old are you ? its bloody simple no light at all when you turn the lights off for darkness ..if you leave any light showin when you put your plants in to flower ,it will not flower even with that small bit of light .how about posting a picture of this plant of yours ,,,,mac
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