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  1. For my first grow I need a strain which will have little scent. I've got people in and out of my house often and I would not want them to smell my plants. It will be in a space in my basement about the size of a small closet, probably 2 or 3 plants max.
  2. If you are growing without a carbon filter it will smell no matter what strain you grow.
  3. You are asking for trouble unless you buy a carbon filter... even a modestly stinky plant will probably smell up the house... a real stinky one would go right outside let alone three of em. Every plant is different even the same strain can have slightly different phenos that smell stronger. What happens is the smell comes real bad mid flower... you toss the plants because you can't wait a week or two for a carbon filter up arrive lol.

    You can ignore my warnings but just know if you end up throwing away thousands worth of bud with only 2-3 weeks of flower left all over a 40-60 dollar filter you are gonna feel pretty stupid considering it's not that expensive.

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  4. Any strain accompanied by a carbon filter.
  5. in all fairness amazon is same day if you order before noon lol.
  6. forgive my newbie ignorance. Am I right to believe that once flowering starts the plants are the most smelliest? Would it be possible to grow inside until flowering starts and then move the plants outside for the final 2 or 3 weeks? My back yard is fenced in so the plants could be unseen in my greenhouse.
  7. They'd need to be moved outside before it even starts to flower for some strains. The stank is real.

    First to third grow. From beginner to novice lol.
  8. There ARE low smell strains. (Keep searching.)
    I have also discovered that keeping my peat moist (not wet) has greatly reduced the stink. They were/are always at their smelliest when dry.
    There are also smell absorbent and smell covering products...but in the end a carbon filter IS what you want.
  9. im outdoors with blue dream and chocolate hashberry second floor balcony . Im in flower now and with 2 fans and a constant coastal breeze they aren't smelling yet. I also have two bamboo roll up shades that I close the balcony with once the sun is not on them anymore and I think that will help direct any smells upward with the breeze. I also planted mint , basil and rosemary plants below the balcony and they are really big now , with a breeze basil is all i smell ( sp far )
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