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LEAST Favorite Thing to do High

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PlancksConstant, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. Shitting, cant stand not talking to anyone, eating latley cuz im not high after im done, talking to friends parents, and having to do stupid shit i dont want to do
  2. Talking to sober people that are always negative/angry and against weed
  3. Class presentations suck. It's so hard to not just burst out laughing in the middle of it. Besides that it's gotta be math or science
  4. Having family events and trying to be social for sure. Complete buzzkill lol.
  5. Being around people I know would disapprove. Even if they don't know I'm high, I can tell that if they did, they would be silently judging me. Aside from the fact that I generally get a little self conscious when I'm high, the region I'm (Springfield, MA) in seems generally less cool towards weed than it once did. Now I can imagine what people on the street would think if they knew I was high: "look at this white boy, still walking around higher than a motherfucker, we have problems in this community, we don't need douchebags like this glorifying drug culture! How old is this idiot anyway, like 30? Creepy ass motherfucker!"
  6. Also chores. When I'm high, all I want to do is watch an epic movie or some funny Youtube videos, listen to Das Racist, nom on some Thai food and chill. The last thing I want to be thinking about is sweeping the floor.
  7. I hate being inside.
    I love feeling the trees around my campus.
    It's the best!!!
  8. I hate being around my parents while high, it's only happened once but it felt like they could see right through me.

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