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LEAST Favorite Thing to do High

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PlancksConstant, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. i've seen a few threads asking what your favorite things to do while high, but how about your least favorite?

    for me it's talking to my parents (yes, even after smoking for quite some time i still dislike talking to my parents) and talking to authority figures. also if i'm around people that don't smoke/are against smoking and they talk behind my back saying stupid things like, "is he... HIGH?"
  2. Talking to people who don't know I am high, particularly people I wouldn't want to know I'm high

    Talking on the phone sucks when I'm stoned..
  3. climb stairs

    take a shower/get ready to go somewhere


    anything that involves any kind of work. :p
  4. Going to church.
  5. Running. Church. Talking to cops. Getting pulled over. being in an accident.
  6. eat because it kills it for me. but that hasnt stopped me yet...
  7. I hate being around my parents when high but I love being in my hosue baked. I set myself up hardbody with an awesome chill zone.
  8. kill people

  9. I HATE talking on the phone when I'm really stoned. For some reason I mumble when I'm really high, and I also tend to talk quieter. So that makes for terrible phone calls lol. My friends are always like "I didnt hear a word you just said. Stop mumbling!" lol

    I hate reading and doing English hw when I'm high. It just kills it for me.
  10. Yeah thats what I do also, some other people I know do the same thing. Makes for horrible phone convos lol
  11. Talking to people when I just want to zone the fuck and watch Family Guy.
  12. Driving, arguing, sleeping.
  13. hmmmm.... i love driving and sleeping stoned
  14. i hate remembering i have school work to do because its a buzz kill.
  15. You really dislike sleeping high?? I find it to be amazing.

    There is nothing I dislike doing high because when I am high I don't do things I dislike.

    If that makes any sense.
  16. Not smoking more weed.
    When my friends want booze.
    Running out of weed.
  17. Really? That's my number one favorite thing to do while high.
  18. Driving and eating
  19. When my teacher asks me a question. Talking to authority.
  20. Being in public. They're all staring at me I know it.

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