Least amount you can get high AS FUCK off of!

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    :smokin' vaped weed:

    Irrespective of strain, I got pretty high off of .06g. Granted, I'm new at this, so my tolerance is WAYYYY down. I started the game in late November, so I'm a little experienced.

    What amount do you get baked off of?

    -Yay low tolerance :hello:

    --EDIT: I was smoking Hindu Kush from Cali.
  2. like .4 and im fucked :smoke: im pretty high from vaping .1 too though :smoke:
  3. I'm usually surprised at how little will get me torched and I've been smoking for about four years now. Moderation is key friends :smoke:
  4. I put .7 to 1 gram. .7 will get me super duper fuckin high it usually helps if im hitting the blades and if its the preem bud i usually get in Saskatchewan, sometimes the bud doesnt even look amazing it just smells great and gets you ripped outta your mind :eek: peace :bongin:
  5. when i first got my mflb i would get sooooooooo high of of like nothing. Like literally crumbs that i wouldn't even bother picking up before became a whole new trench. my tolerance has gone up a bit since then but i can still get to where i want to be 2 times off a relatively small trench. if i pack one nice and fat then i usually hit it periodically throughout the day for like 2 days lol
  6. What if...I'm always high?:cool:
  7. it only takes like .2 for me... i dont know why... Im a 6 foot tall 250lb fat guy...
  8. .1 through a gravity bong can do some serious damage.
  9. bowl pack
  10. After the asinine amounts of ganja I smoked last weekend, definitely somewhere between .7 to a gram.

    With my normal tolerance, .2 or .3
  11. I smoke daily. If I load a bowl, and smoke it without any breaks, I end up pretty baked.
  12. Well, I've been making 1 gram last around a week, so .2-.3 gets me pretty baked.

    It's nice having low tolerance and a vapor pipe.
  13. I'm really the only one it takes more than 3grams for?

    Well Imma just hide then :hide:

    I smoke nothing but Krippy, and I smoke like a rapper, if you're wondering why my tolerance is so inhuman.

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