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Learning Disabilitys

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by The stoner man, May 4, 2011.

  1. Let me start off by saying I have disgraphya. That basically means I have trouble writing. I'm wondering if mmj could help me at all?

    Another question is; has there ever been any legit cases of mmj helping people with disgraphya or any other learning disabilities.
  2. i have no info on mmj for disgraphya. but i just wanted to say that i think i have the same problem. as of now my hand writing is completely chicken scratch. when i was younger i couldn't tell the letters b and d apart but with help i got over that. now that i think of it i write beter when im high.
  3. Does it affect your grammar as well?
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    Yes it can, but my grammar isnt any where near as worse as my spelling. Also, it takes me forever to write papers, assignments, basically anything writing. Ive never heard of anyone getting a rec for it for it though. Id say smoke a bit before you work on your next paper, but give your self a bit of a buffer for time. For me, sometimes smoking helps me to focus, I just have to be sure to not get to high. If it helps, then you can look into your state laws to see if is covered or not. My guess would be no though :/ although you can still smoke it if it helps, just not legaly :smoke:

    Edit: idk if you have or not. But if your in school you should look into getting diagnosed for a learning disability. I get extended time on all my tests because of my dyslexia/dysgraphia, up to half of the original test length. I even got the extended time on the SATs and could have for the ACT's if I took em.
  5. In California you can get mmj for stress, and if you learning disability is causing you stress or anxiety I think you have a valid reason. I got mine for a lot of reasons, one of which including Aspergers which is a social disability that can result in anxiety, etc. Good luck dude :)

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