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  1. Hi I'm Critter I'm a 54 year old Navy disabled veteran who decided to try my hand at growing... On May 12th I had two Canadian 9 week seeds and four bags of Fox farm soil. I germinated in distilled water they took off like champs. After planting I started using Miracle-Gro tomato plant food. I saw that on YouTube. and they were doing good but I just switch them to foxfarm ridgmont.. the picture is them on May 31st. Any advice would be
    greatly appreciate it
  2. Dont see any picture

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  3. IMG_20190531_222017131.jpg planted May 12 2019 picture taken May 31

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  4. Myself , before I switched any nutrients I would water twice with well PH balanced water before before starting a new nute at 1/4 percent .
    If your plants are autos I'd ride out what your doing that works for you

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  5. I do a Water , Tea , Feed .
    Straight water ph balance
    Worm casting tea
    I use during veg
    Aurora , trinity
    Aurora, soul grow-N
    Roots organic , Calmag

    And when they start flowing
    I cut back on the Soul-N "nitrogen"
    And give them general hydroponics
    Liquid Koolbloom 0-10-10
    Under LED

    Stick to what's working though

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