LEAP Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by HeadySpaghetti, Jun 13, 2010.

  1. Oh at least you are trying. would you personally have a beneficiary situation if drugs become legalized?

    The last thing I would want is the police to legalize them.

    If existing addicts can get access to their needs I would support it- but new addicts NO THANK YOU.

    research addiction potential of drugs before writing.

    So why don't we just sell candy containing coke, E, crack and viagra, if it is so harmless, and it's just the laws that make it evil? wouldn't this be a starting point?

  2. ya know,i actually totally see your point, and agree. I'd like to think if we focused the money on clinics rather than prohibition, there could be a decrease in drug addictions. I'm not really sure if its realistic though. I think with enough education, and with less poverty, drug addictions would be far less prevalent, but our society is currently really fucked up, and I do have a lot of doubt.

    Addictive drugs are definitely harmful, and it is good to point out how silly our "freedoms" look when people get addicted, throw their lives away, and kill people over drugs. It's also stupid when people eat themselves to death from Burger King, smoke themselves to death with cigarettes, and its sad as fuck when we know someone who's afflicted by these retard displays of "individual freedom."

    interestingly, our society does value the ability to choose how to live our lives ... but sadly, addicts are thrown in jail even if they dont harm anyone. I believe drugs CAN cause crime, and all sorts of awful things, due to their addictive nature, but i think they should only be punished when these awful scenarios actually play out, rather than if they're busted for personal use that wont ruin society.

    Let's just agree that everyone should just stick to the herb, and most of these problems would disappear on their own :)
  3. here some graphics decide for yourself if they have something to do with drugs.
    And that's just the front door.

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