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  1. LEAP - Law Enforcement Against Prohibition - Cops Say Legalize Drugs

    check it for yourselves.
  2. straight G's
  3. Let's help out D.E.A.

    Let them legalize just Cannabis and they can keep going after crack and meth heads.

  4. fuck that man legalize all drugs.
  5. this^

  6. I just don't see how society would benefit from Crack and Meth.

  7. promiscuous people would die just from meth at the age of 40+

    and Muscians being around for too long people can't hear the same old s*** anymore would die from coke at the age of 50+

    well without coke it would be a little less lofty and arrogant, maybe.

    not sure though if all this would be any beneficiary.
  8. OP

    repeating the organisation name many times EQUALS fishy.
    using acronyms EQUALS fishy.

    like: LEAP can give you all the benefits that only LEAP can provide because LEAP is the organisation that is founded on the principle of LEAP, and only LEAP is prooven to be as effective as LEAP because scientists have researched LEAP for a long time and figured out that LEAP is sensitive to UV light and LEAP is more safe than driving a car on a highway at exactly 56.28 miles per hour while thinking about LEAP.
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    .....uh, what the HELL are you talking about? Why are you talking directly to the original poster as if he was the author of the text in the first place? The content of the first post in this thread seems to have been directly copied and pasted LEAP's mission statement from its own website. That's it -- nothing more or less complicated than that.

    What's more, this style of writing is very, VERY common for many non-profit organizations to include in their mission statements. Have you ever volunteered for anything? This is just the manifesto for the group as a whole, its definition of what it is. It makes SENSE for it to refer to itself in the third person this way .... it's just a very, very, VERY common way for an organization to introduce itself, its goals, and the people that make it up.

    Jesus Christ, I hope you're just stoned right now. :rolleyes:

    "Fishy"? In what way is this "Fishy"? What are you implying? LEAP is a well-known, respectable organization. It's been in the fight for a while, now. Members of this organization have testified before congress, appeared in pro-legalization documentaries (like the infamous The Union), and have appeared in televised interviews with major news outlets.

    I have NO idea what you're trying to say, here.
  10. This is actually better than legalizing drugs. For the people that didn't read it let me sum it up. They're pretty much saying that if you're using drugs and not harming anyone within immediate contact of you, say you smoke at home alone or with a friend, you're fine as you're not 'harming' anyone around you.

    But smoking in a public place with pedestrians around is kind of disrespectful to the people that don't want to partake in the inhalation of this sacred herb. But as with bars for alcohol, coffee shops for Marijuana will start to pop up in every state that follows this.

    Meaning that people will be allowed to smoke within certain places, but not in public, like Amsterdam, I guess.

    The only problem I see is with this is this

    -They could restrict the amount you would legally be allowed say per month and if caught buying from a 3rd party you would be obviously charged with whatever they want to like it.

  11. It is more than just *fishy*

    For instance Cocaine was legal for quite a while.
    The results have not been desireable.
    H was legal, a medicine at first. During WW2 it was mass produced in factories. It became a soldiers drug. And then in the 1970s after Vietnam, and in the 1980s, "junkies" became popular.
    Public awareness of this drug only arose in the 1980s.

    So, saying private use would be OK- and someone would have to regulate it- well go to Afghanistan! There it is produced, there is narcotecture (narcotic architecture), special meddlers or negotiators can deal it to you for a vanity of reason. Quasi-legal, privately, if you want.

    Just from their mission statement, I do not consider it useful at all for a broad public acceptance just of MARY JANE aka Cannabis, Hash, and so-called "Marijuana".
    It may sound (and read) nifty, but to a vast majority, it may cause the exact opposite: they will not consider to agree to "quasi-legalization", means like in Afghanistan, it is OK if it is obtained from a meddler or mediator, and if it is done privately.
    It was at first synthesized in Germany, and the disastrous effects if taken for recreational purposes are WELL KNOWN.
    it had some medical application in the past where it was appreciate, it may be considered appreciate for soldiers during war, but there are also modern replacements that exist for more than a decade now.

    People wasting off themselves, to decay at the age of 40, and become a public burden, is also not OK at all.

    I wonder who would be stupid enough to take this mission statement literally, or any serious.

    Are we talking just about MARY JANE, or also cocaine, just that, or even meth, crack, and H? I mean cocaine yes, it is not so strong, less strong than a good coffee in a low dose, so what is it about it? but the others clearly destroy people in a small number of years.

    I wonder, seriously, how this could be administred? Again, take a look Afghanistan, where it is not "illegal", in the sense we would consider it to be "illegal". As far as I know, if the people there have a dispute, they go to a "mediator". And if people want to infuse new ideas, at first they join up with local "hashish smokers".

    Maybe since the story of Christiana F. (Switzerland) we know what this drug is about. Can they really seriously want to legalize that?

    The mission statement as such does not really say very much, and together with repeating LEAP many times, it is fishy, at best.
  12. yeah lol it sounds like keitanakano is kinda confused

  13. society, and individuals, wouldn't benefit from DOING crack/meth, but ending prohibition has effects that go beyond a possible increase in the use of these drugs, especially regarding money we spend on putting drug users in prison. do they belong in prison? no.

    they should be legal based upon the american principal of individual freedoms. if politicians AREN'T pushing for the prohibition, but still oppose "illicit drug use" because it "hurts society," they are hypocrits.
  14. Ahhhh there is so much bullshit in this thread. LEAP is a legit group, i've spoken with a few of the policemen in my county that belong to it.

    Legalization of all drugs is good for society as a whole, and if you can't understand that and why it is...then you just want weed to be legal so you can get high. It's about more than that...it's about respecting peoples rights and taking it out of the black market. 22 thousand people have died as a result of cartel violence sin 2006, yes marijuana is the major cash crop for those cartels but they still bring in the other drugs.
  15. why not : Do what ever you want just do it privately?
    That would be "respecting people's rights", and "society as whole".

    Think of this Stalin guy and the Rothschild jewish bankers (Russian oil boom), his special friends.

    And they just had *wild* parties on ordinary wine, remember just alcohol.

    Legalize all drugs and get more, new Stalins. Because there will be people who disagree with the lifestyle.

    Or you could legalize pedos*x, marriage (already happening), and abandon copyright.

    Or you just tell me, you take your hard drugs, chill out, do nothing, and behave? Come on, you know this is not the truth. People who take hard drugs soon will learn to disrespect other people's rights, especially those who do not agree to them.

    They corrupt personality and this is why they were prohibited.

    Do me a favour, LEAP, or not LEAP, or whatever.

    Just keep it to MJ legalization. Don't mix all the drugs this is BS helps no one and is the same thing as this gateway myth.

    And this Stalin guy was confused maybe haha, tell his ghost.
  16. And it is not up to cops to make laws, or to question existing laws.
    their only job is to execute the law.
    It is their freedom not to want to see too much business.
    In reality they catch small drug users, and their boss tells them to leave the ganglord alone.

    So they form an organization, to think about how people should be allowed to get their drugs, where to take them, and all this.

    as I say, fishy.

    like in Thailand, military takes over according to their own rules.

    I mean, how can you be without confusion, when your country is in such a disorder?

    maybe look up wikipedia:

    who is good/bad in Thailand, who is on the right side, and who should become abolished quickly. If the King reads your disrespect, you go to prison!

  17. ?????? rofl, legalize drugs and get more Stalins, thats classic! xD
    you sound like the federal govt!

    i have no idea wtf you're talking about regarding pedophelia, so ima ignore that section of the post... for your sake.

    btw, if your opinion is "People who take hard drugs soon will learn to disrespect other people's rights, so they should be illegal" then alcohol should be illegal too. if you aint pushing for alcohol prohibition, then gtfo, cause you're a hypocrite.

  18. did you ever see real junkies?

    so u get my point i do not support LEAP. and I am not interested to maintain further discussion.
    I am just a forum user with no political powers so why do you get so crazy?
  19. ok my bad for arguing with your post... i didnt read this.

    if i had read this, i wouldnt have wasted my time, because you're clearly a retard.

    cops are people, they're taxpayers, they're a part of our democracy.
    its ALL OF SOCEITY's responsibility to question ALL of our laws. otherwise we'll end up with FUCKED up laws that favor corporations.

    drugs dont corrupt, MONEY corrupts, POWER corrupts, and CORPORATIONS corrupt.

    the corporations are gonna pay attention to the legislation process (question law, hire lobbyists, etc.), because they can influence it with $$, and with their influence they can get more $$.

    CITIZENS however (including policemen, you idiot) have to pay attention to the law, and question it, when they see innocent people going to jail, and when they see taxpayers wasting BILLIONS of dollars.

    if they accepted prohibition just cause they got business, then they're in it for the $$, just like corporations. but cops arent cops to make money, they're cops to PROTECT AND SERVE. the cops that are brave enough to man up to this reality are in LEAD.
  20. because you arent just a forum user with no political powers, you are probably a citizen of a democratic country, so you have a responsibility to your countrymen to make sure truth is propagated, rather than let corporations run our lives and steal our money. sorry for trying to rationally discuss drugs on a drug discussion forum.

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