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  1. I posted elsewhere but no answers. This is an auto. I top dressed with coco and have Mother earth soil with homemade spikes of guano castings etc. Is my pH too high? Top tips droop whether watered or not. Also didn't expect his plant to run away since it was posted to be indica dominant and did this in under 48 hr. I'm used to using coco and have been trying to switch over to a more TLO style. Any idea on age/problems with this girl? Her sister looks better (week younger) but drooping too.

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  2. The first pic could be an example photo for an over watered plant.

    I am not saying that's your issue here, but that's what an over watered plant looks like.

    Why a coco top dress?
    What's a guano casting stick?

    Are you just trolling?
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  3. Idk what trolling is. Sorry lol. Um yeah I thought it was a sign for overwatering but there were also some leaves curling upward like the light was too close so I pulled the light back to check and several leaves stayed like like that. So I read a post here and the guy did a high pH experiment where he dropped the plant down from like 8.5 to in range and was saying how high pH can give multiple signs when the pH is the real issue so I figured to bounce ideas off yall. My runoff was like 7.3 a few days ago. Ummm I followed a spike recipe from true living organics composing of worm castings bat and seabird guano, kelp etc. Poked holes on outskirts of pot as a way to feed later in flower. The top dress was cuz I got nervous about fungus gnats and had some around. Heard they dont like coco.

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  4. 7.3 is very high......
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  5. Tell me about it. I added some soil acidifier but idk how long that will take. I imagine more time than I have? I flushed with 5.0 water and still couldn't get it under 7. Should I just keep watering at 6.0 or what?

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  6. are you sure that you got soil the mother earth product I use is 70/30 coco/perlite mix.
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  7. I got groundswell. Now Idk if adding the spikes increased the pH or not but def got a bag of it.

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  10. I think over watering as well. You don’t need to water as often with soil compared to coco. Let her dry out a spell and she will come around.

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