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  1. Ok, blades quick quest what's your lean :)? In the car that is, I drive stick shift so I do left hand on wheel right arm on middle console ready to shift.
  2. Left hand on the wheel, right arm on the middle thing, can't think of the damn name. So comfortable.
  3. Center Console is the word your looking for. I do the same. :cool:
    I also have my seat leaned back a little.
  4. knee one wheel.
    joint in one hand
    dick in the other:cool:

    im lieing
    i havent driven in over 2 years
  5. gangsta lean.
    nah, I dont really do a lean... I jus rock shades and the backwards fitted always, bangin hot tracks, flyin by in the benzo
  6. Right hand at 1 o'clock, Left hand hanging over the window, shades on and blasting some electro!
  7. Its called a Detroit Lean.

    But honostly I dont do any specific type of lean. Sometimes I do the Detroit Lean. Sometimes I have the arm out the window.
    Hell sometimes I drive at 10 and 2 with the seat straight just for the hell of it.

    Its all about the mood.
  8. I'm from Texas.. We lean back. Chillin'..
  9. both my hands on the bottom of the wheel, windows down, music loud. perfect-o.

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