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    Hi guysssss n galssss!!! I have just bort 20g of rso I was attacked a few months ago by some dikheads with machetes anyway I'm still alive 7 surgerys later an 4 months in ICU and hospital, I currently am still in a lot of pain having muscles removed from my leg that got infected after being stabbed through RSO HAS BEEN MY SAVIOUR THROUGH MEDOCATING ONCE HOME AMD OFF THOS NHS SHITTY MEDZ!!! I'm trying to make a lean syrup as I've given up smoking being in hospital so long and not being able to move I gave up the toabcoo so dont want to smoke joints as much as I love cali thats over in the uk lol!!!! So I have my rso and I bought a bubble gum syrup by a brand valed MONIN a gourmet syrup, I heated the syrup low heat for 5 /10 till became runny then poured that into my lean bottle and applied 1g 1000mg of rso into the heated syrup then shook the bottle this ended up rising to the top as it cooled and went into clumpy bits? Is the syrup I'm using no good that I'm trying to bind the rso to? Soo I took the bottle and put back in the pan and heated a little longer and took of heat BEFORE IT started to boil and bubble I then poured back into the glass lean jar bottle then let it cool in fridge and I can't see and clumpy bits, so does this mean the rso has binded properly now or does it mean the rso is burnt off an no longer in it ? Obviously when I drink it in a while once cooled properly I'll know as il either be fucked or I won't be lol!!!! But I would like some help as I want to male a bulk batch and want to get it right !!! What ingredient do I need to bind the rso properly to the syrup or will any syrup bind to rso along as heated to the right temp? Would I be better heating the syrup in the slow cooker low heat an mixing that way over a long time ....anyone has a time frame for cooking it that way aswell I'd be grateful so grateful I can't put I to words how you would be helping me medicate to a better life of you can help me with all this much love in advance people ONE LOVE BLESS UP
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  2. I don't think we can discuss that here tbh
  3. What lean syrup made with RSO NOT CODEINE
  4. Why can we not discuss making thc rso syrup lol I'm confused
  5. I dont understajd why not pal this is for edibles and stiff right I've seen a few threads people asking how to make thc or two syrup I'm confused !??
  6. Oh...I've ever heard of that type of lean.the more you know!
  7. Oh right so can you help my bro I'd really appreciate it lol
  8. You havent hesrd of it do you mean, well all I no is I don't want to smoke anymore so rso is great for the pain I'm still in I just want to bind it to a syrup like the one nature boyz do called alkalean , something like that , i have medical rso from a great source it's from the strain mimosa , I no ppl make shatter syrups with the yellow shatter wax stiff can't imagine it's much difernt surely , the lady I get my rso from uses it to cook with an makes great medz top shelf edibles honestly knock me on my arse more than any other edibles rso is very strong
  9. What is in the syrup that is mixed with the RSO? RSO needs fat or alcohol to dissolve.... I just mix RSO with coconut oil and fill gelatin capsules.
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  10. @BrassNwood hash caps will help u.. + it'd be easier then making syrup :confused_2: you can also check @PsychedelicSam threads for edible ideas, both the dudes help alot of people on GC when it comes to edibles/pain relief including myself :laughing:
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  11. I mean I want to drink a nice drink woth it infused in and syrups are great for mixing with lemonade , the syrup I purchased was called by "monin" is the brand and is a bubble gum syrup
  12. I mean I want to drink a nice drink woth it infused in and syrups are great for mixing with lemonade , the syrup I purchased was called by "monin" is the brand and is a bubble gum syrup
  13. Sounds great bro although even capsules il sick to death of tablets I no it's not and it's rso inside but regardless the amount of pills I've had to swallow daily I can't do it anymore bro is just another reminder of what's happened tbh so syrup i want to make lol my heart is set on it surely rso can be infused into a syrup with a high fat content? Do you guys no of any flavoured ones or brands with high fat content that would bind easy to rso much love mannn
  14. In was also told by someone who cooks with RSO to use letichin a spoon full into say 100 ml of syrup and rso while heating
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  15. That syrup should work. It's basically a simple syrup. You hadn't heated it enough when you got the crust on it. More heat and stirring will dissipate it as will a few drops of alcohol. The syrup is a carrier for your cannabinoids and doesn't need lipids or other solvents for "bonding".

    So how does it look now? Has it all dispersed? You can add lecithin but most recipes I've seen use glycerin instead as the emulsifier. This may keep your cannabinoids from sticking to the glass.

    Do you have a picture? :huh:
  16. You the MANNN! Yeah I mean the first time I heated it an it clumped after cooled i 're heated the same bit In a glass bowl on the hob until it was dissolved in the syrup and then let it cool and wasn't any bits floating this time as to say however it looked as though some cannabinoid had stick to the glass inside not much, but its sage tosay i drunk some mixed with fizzy drink and im higj as fuck lol !!! so the glycerin , how much would I need to use per say 100ml of liquid syrup bro? And when u mention alcohol into the syrup what type of alcohol lol and again how much per 100ml of syrup! So appreciative for the help u have no idea this forum is amazing! One love
  17. Also what would be ideal temp to get the syrup to before adding rso , and what heat to maintain until rso has disapaited would u say?
  18. Will post pic now
  19. This was the first time I heated it pit into the bottle added two and just shook it lol I'll now post the pic of what looks like after heated it , the bowl I heated in has a bit stuck to it round the side's is there anyway I can stop it doing that whilst heating it or is that what the glycerine would do whilst heating aswell ?

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  20. Thos what looks like afyer reheated and had a glass out of the bottle lol

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