Lean On Me

Discussion in 'General' started by Mr.bubbles, Jun 10, 2006.

  1. we all need somebody to lean on..Lean on me when yopur not strong and ill be your friend and ill help you carry one..Call on me brother when you need a hand WE ALL NEED SOMEBODY TO LEAN ON...:hello: ;) ...good ole times:wave:
  2. i believe miracles.....you sexy thing...whered you come from how did you know i needed you???
  3. Maybe you should just stop.
  4. no man barry white is the shit
  5. yea fuck all the haters.
  6. you know whats going on when barrys playin

  7. Hell yea
  8. hell yeah man
  9. barry white don't walk on the red carpet he walks on toilet paper cause he's the shit
  10. As a child, I knew to stay in my room when Barry White was heard :(

    Maybe that's the memory I am trying to repress through smoking!!!
  11. man i saw a whole gaggle of younglife kids singin that the other day. they were all swayn and shit
  12. does anyone remember that movie, Lean on Me, w/Morgan Freeman as the principal?

    that's what my hs years were like. (i went to a very ghetto hs)
  13. You're my first....my last...my everything

    Barry White is the fucking man
  14. yeah it is i mean he is RIP
  15. Hahahahaha, rep+! That made my morning JB!


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