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  1. Hi this is my first grow and i am on week 9 of flowering
    I got 2 purple kush plants: 1 of them was sick and had lots of light burn 20170805_121548.jpg when i switched Her from cfl light To LED lights. Its been growing better now but it has really airy buds and doesnt look that good.
    For thé 2nd plants thé buds seemed To be fine except that there is sooo much leafs and i dont know how To remedy that. I thought it was because there was too much nutes so i flushed it a bit but it didnt change anything.
    Would love To have some of your opinions. 20170805_121530.jpg 20170805_121530.jpg
  2. Take the pix without the grow lights. Can't give you any opinions under the grow lights
  3. The first problem you had was using the CFLs. They're fine for veg, but just don't do the job when it comes to flowering a plant. That's why yours are tall and scraggly like they are. They spent their time stretching for light. My guess is that your light isn't big enough to support more than one plant. In order to get the growth rate and production you're going for, you've got to have strong enough lighting to cover the plants you have flowering. LEDs are tough because they're mostly small bodied fixtures and have no reflection built into the fixture, so the area that they can cover is quite a bit smaller than an HPS fixture. To get more coverage, you are forced to raise the light higher and this robs from all the plants. You want to keep the light as close to the plant throughout flower as possible....without being so close that it causes light burn. Light only penetrates a certain distance down anyway, so the farther away from the plant it is, the less penetration you get from it. Nothing much you can do about these right now, but next run I suggest you only flower a single plant under that lamp. You'll likely harvest as much or more in weight than you'll get off both these plants. We flower with 1000 watt HPS lamps but only run 2 plants per light. This gives every plant plenty of light and plenty of space to spread open so light can penetrate the canopy and develop out lower buds. But the difference in the growth of the plant and the size and density of the buds will be big compared to running 2 with your lamp. If you want to do 2 plants, you'll likely have to order another LED like the one you have going now. But the key to getting what you're going for with indoor growing is having the light in place to get the job done for every plant you are flowering. I had no concept of light and how to use it when I first started and tried flowering way too many with way too little light. This yielded grams instead of ounces. LOL Figured that one out in a hurry. Ended up needing 4 times the light I originally thought to flower as many as I wanted starting out. It's all a part of the learning curve. There is just so much information to take in and process and try to make sense of for the new grower, that it takes some time and effort....and normally several mistakes, to resolve it all. But by the time you make a couple of runs, you'll begin to make sense of it all and figure out changes you can make to improve your setup. It took me a good year to get things up and rolling like what I had hoped to do in just a few months. Once you get everything in place and figure the basics out, you'll recoup any expense you had in putting it all together quickly....if you opt to do so. Go back and do some reading on lighting. There are some wonderful videos on You Tube that give you an in depth explanation of the whole thing. Happy growing!
  4. There youi go

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  5. I actualité put them inter flower with led panel viparspectra 450w and a 45w light flood panel at 18 inch
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  6. When did the light burn occur? Was that during pre-flower?
  7. Keep practicing.

    Rome wasn't built in a day.

    Good luck

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