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Leafy Bud?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by kushkween6996, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. I just got this bud that my dude says he doesn't know what it is. That's whatever to me since I already have it. My question being.. this weed is definitely very leafy.. kinda dry but not concerning dry.

    Is it just a lack of a trim job by the grower or is the leafyness a quality of shit weed? I've had a good experience with it just more of a body high then head high.

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  2. leafy bud is a product of bad trimming by the grower.  Not a sign of low mids, you can get grade A bud thats trimmed poorly and mids thats done pro level. Depends on the person working the siccors.  
    And a side note that bud looks fine.
  3. Thanks!

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  4. looks frosty and a crappy trim job. If the leaves are frosted, then ignore the taste. It will get you high.
  5. Leafy bud+trim job=hash
  6. Thanks.. definitely a decent high. I was a bit worried after lurking the web about leafy bud with mixed opinions .. some saying its just shit others saying its the trim. It was a decently marked down price (assuming that's due to the lack of trimming) but that worried me a bit about its quality.

    Now I have read sometimes with leafy bud its worth drying out .. not exactly sure why.. has anyone heard of that?

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  7. Ya just a trim problem that's really the only variant that effects how many leaves a bud has. If it's too wet you can cure it longer in a jar but it'll take awhile. If you want to dry it fast just set it out overnight in a dark cool place.

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