leaf troubles!?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by zonerr, Sep 18, 2003.

  1. I have 1 plant under a 100w hps flowering!
    The bottom few leaves are turning yellow!Also some of them have brown spots on the ripples of the outside of the leafs(If that made any scense??)I have her in a one gallon pot that used to have another plant in it as well! (Iknow,Iknow one plant per pot!I had another plant in that pot and the cats got to it and ate it! There was nothing but a stem about three inches long sticking out of the dirt!So i threw another seed in and it grew too!WEED IS PROLIFIC!<---spelling??)

    I fert with 20-20-20 1\4 tspoon per half gallon of water!
    Iwater her when the soil is dry about an inch down!
    Do you think it is nutrient burn or maybe rootlock?
    The top and the buds are doing great!Just the tips turned yellow up there.

    Is it safe to repot while flowering??

    My plant is streched out it is about 18-20 inches tall and it has 3-4 inches between internodes!

  2. i have been looking all over the net for any 10-30-20 fert and can't find it anywhere!
  3. repot, you should :)
  4. how long has it been flowering?.......if not long i'd say re-pot, if it's close to finishing forget it.........a 1 gallon pot is not big enough for that plant you have, a 3 gallon min is needed........it may be rootbound, but if it's approx 6-7 weeks flowering then it may be a nitro deff.............Peace out.........Sid

    ps as for ferts, you don't need bang on 20-30-20, just higher in P..........

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