Leaf problem in the 3rd week of flowering, please help ( with pictures)

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    This is my 2nd run with a 400 watt HPS running mainly botanicare with a couple other additives. I've notices some leaves turning recently but am not sure what it is...at first I saw signs of cal mag deficiencies so treated it but its almost getting worse. I'll post pics below, any help is appreciate.

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  2. I've been struggling with similar problems this grow. I'm trying to figure it out as well. I don't really see what's portrayed in the third picture. I've tried flushing, feeding, adjusting soil ph. Nothing dissuades the leaves from spotting, yellowing, wilting, drying.
    Have you checked your ph? The ph of your soil is ok and the ph of what you put in is correct?
    I've become suspicious of the quality of the water going in. I have well water which I take straight out of the tap. What kind of water you using?
  3. I use my city water which I've tested and in 7.0... I haven't thought to check my soil pH but will as soon as I get home and post the results. Its been about 2 weeks ive been trying to correct this problem. And the third picture isn't very good just showing some spotting that I attributed to calcium deficiency.
    I have 6 plants going at the moment. 3 show a lot of stress. 2 are effected slightly and the last seems to be doing pretty well.

    I'm thinking of letting them dry out and flushing.
  4. Then there's the matter of particles in the water, chloramines, all that crap. Water quality so to speak. I switched to bottled water lately. I've tried many ways to rectify a pretty bad leaf problem.I have lots like your first pix.
    I've concluded once the plant runs into trouble it's almost impossible to turn it around. Other growers may have the wherewithal. I don't. I've consulted experts far and wide. Overfed. Underfed. Overwatered. Underwatered. CalMag deficiency. Deficiency caused by toxicity lockout. You name it.
    I brought up ph and water quality because if you can verify that ph is off or your water is unpure it will likely affect your grow adversely.
    If you have a cal mag deficiency and it is not remedied by adding cal mag chances are your grow will finish one way or the other before you can solve and resolve the issue. Meantime you may as well remove the dead leaves. Then it won't look as bad.
  5. Alright yeah, my soil ph appears fine. I guess I'll flush and see what happens. In the mean time I'll keep asking and searching for answers. Thanks so much for the help turtle360

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