leaf issue brown edges?!?

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  1. hey gc heres my issue not sure what it is. the plants white widow. temps 80, humidity 50-60 %rh , rdwc" buckets" ppms around 600 and ph is 5.6 -5.8. lights are t5s in veg. i took a few pics only turned out on one pic the leaf edges appear almost burnt brown isolated about mid plant on bigger fan leafs any ideas what it is i was thinking over nuting but im a little over half strength of what they recommend . any help would be great thanks!

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  2. IMHO, you either have the beginning of nute burn,


    if your starting water ppm is 200 or higher it quite possibly be a Mg deficiency.

    Hope this helps

    *Imma dirtbagger, so take this advice like a grain of soil
  3. thanks for the reply i was thinking its early sighn of nute burn but im barley feeding them for being in hydro i been reading and people say ww is a cal mag whore so and they are on older leafs so ill start treating for it thanks bro peace:smoke:

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