Leaf discoloration

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  1. Hello I am growing 3 autofems they are week old seedlings 2 of them are looking great one of them has this discoloration in the leaves. I am using Fox Farms Happy frog soil. Does anyone know what this could be? Let me know if you have any questions, thank you for your time. 1502216053497.jpg

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    Hot soil effects

    the nutes in the soil are too hot

    IMO: mix in 25% perlite into the soil to dilute these hot effects

    Fox Farm ocean forest is a better choice

    good luck
  3. Thank you for your reply vostok. I'll keep your suggestion in mind for future grows. I really dont want to harm the seedling anymore than it already is by removing it to mix in some perlite. If I leave it how it is could this negatively impact the overall growth of the plant or will it be able to return to normal color once it becomes larger and able to handle the extra nutrients in the soil? I should mention I didn't flush out the soil properly before planting the seeds. Would it be worth trying a heavy watering until runoff for the next watering to try and flush out some of the nutrients or would i risk suffocating the baby roots?
    Thanks, Sleepy
  4. you could try and pour 3 times the pot volume

    of air temp ph'ed water thru the pot

    allow to drain over night is best

    to recover in the morning

    IMO: I'd extract the plant wash in tepid water

    and replant in a softer mix of 50% perlite and 50% frog soil

    but in honesty much damage and delay has been done

    good luck

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