Leaf discoloration and light absorbtion??!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by William23, Jan 24, 2023.

  1. I was just wondering do leafs that have been bleached out by nutrient absorption, are they still viable like do they serve a point like in light absorption or should I just snip of all discolored leafs to make more room for new ones to grow the ones that look albino in color??
  2. what are you going to use as a control then?

    in most cases the leaves other than dead brown are still being used

    if the leaf offends you, pick another hobby to groom your ego

    good luck
  3. I understood everything but this "if the leaf offends you, pick another hobby to groom your ego" I dont know why you would say something like that?
  4. Kind of disrespectful if you ask me, do you know me?
  5. Leaves will fall off on their own when they are no longer of use.
  6. Do I know you??
    Actually cut of a few yellow leaves by mistake I feel silly now, why do I feel shameful right about now :(
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  7. New grower's have a real hard time leaving the plants alone.
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  8. its the 2nd thing noobies do wrong, thinking for the plant, see it as the plants have been on the planet much longer than us apes, let the plant manage it
    'the 1st thing ...over feeding.....disrespectful to me ..no, but to the plant

    good luck
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  9. No I can kindly disagree with that, reason I defoliated was because I heard or seen a YouTube video where a grower mention that if you do LST combined with Top & defoliation of all the bottom fan leaves its an explosive combination for a potent result, at the end of flowering see a few changes in the plants life can result in something great in potential in bud formation more Trhichomes!
  10. Better sooner than later in flowering, dont you agree my friend :)
  11. One youtube video and bam you are a pro. Good luck.
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  12. Well Im not saying to be a pro, but am trying to do my best in all the required steps to a healthy plant that strives for greatness, wouldnt that be the method for all new comers you tell me?
  13. This is not a race to see whos the better grower, this isnt a weed rally lol, but anyways yeah every grower it being a noob or not, strives for a good quality plant, and those are just facts!
  14. Easy guys lol we all started somewhere.

    If leaves are yellow and wilting and starting to die yes you can remove those ones. I personally do just to keep the plant clean of dead foliage. If the leaves are otherwise healthy or are just starting to yellow just let them do their thing, same goes for light bleached leaves as long as they aren't dying. No need to cut healthy leaves off really unless you have a overly busy plant with excessive leaves then it doesn't hurt to trim some off to allow better light penetration and air flow. Just my take, you'll hear many! Lol

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  15. And no Im not a druggie, like some unfortunatelely Id just hate to grow a plant and waste my time growing schwagg weed having good genetics.., it's possible if you dont take good care of it like your supposed to, take little care and time for a plant takes you a long way believe it or not :)

    Good luck.
  16. You are certainly right about that.
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