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Leaf discoloration and black dots??

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by TheDankH, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. Hey GC I have had this problem for a couple weeks now on only one of my strains and its these peculiar white spots that are sprinkled with black dots, I loomed at it under my scope (60x) and I couldn't discern wether or not they were a pest. Please if anyone has any suggestions questions or solutions I would be much obliged and appreciated. :wave:

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  2. Need more info. Nutes,Grow medium,Ph?
  3. Its thrips..the larvae eat the leaves and poop black dots..get some azamax and spray the leaves down and spray some in the soil
  4. Pretty even ph, I use roots organic for my soil which has most of the amendments I need then I top dress with a little EWC, I'm working on my own soil mix But I still want to finish of the rest of this bag.

    Now you say thrips and I need to get azamax and do a foliar spray and then a soil drench? And how much does azamax usually run?
  5. Its expensive..i read stuff like captain jacks with spinosad is good to but i got rid of mine at week 4 and 5 flowering or at least held them off till the end..i sprayed top and bottom of the leaves and sprayed some in the soil once and then another 4 days later..azamax also wards them off and is organic supposedly.. just dont spray them and leave them under the light cause i read it can burn the plants
  6. What else that contains spinosad would you suggest? I've heard a lot of good things about spinosad never had to try it until now.
  7. Not sure i know amazon and ebay have different brands
  8. Mighty Wash,SNS 217,NO MORE MITES/ these 3 products KILL EVERYTHING!
  9. Monterrey garden insect spray Is what i use.

  10. That looks like mite damage bruddah. Sorry but you officially have spider mites. Dont worry, they can be controlled with Neem Oil spray. Be sure to spray once a week when the lights have turned off on both top and bottom of the leaves in an even mist.
  11. No he does not officially have spider mites. That is clearly thrip damage, you can even see two larvae in the pic. And if he did have spider mites spraying once a week with neem oil would not be likely to take care of the problem.

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