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  1. I'm growing some auto flower white widow plant under 300W LED. They are in the 4th week of flowering, and I just noticed some leaf issues when I checked on them today (i had been gone for the past two days).

    I'm having trouble figuring out what this could be based on googling, and wanted to share here with those who are more knowledgable than myself.

    I have attached a picture of the leaf here - It's turned almost entirely yellow on the outer edges of the leaf and then in the middle it has these rusty spots all over.

    Any idea what could be causing this? Of the 5 plants I have, only one is exhibiting this symptom.


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  2. where's the rest of the plant ? where is that happening? It looks like multiple nutrient lock out caused by unstable ph all around. BUT that's a guess need more info on what you've been doing and the recent history of that plant.


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  3. Thanks for the response. I think maybe it does have something to do with nutrient lock-out. The last time I watered it (prior to this happening ) was the first time I tried to add a small quarter of the recommended dose of tiger bloom. I tested the Ph after doing so and it seemed fine, but Maybe I didn't let it settle for long enough before testing.
  4. adding nutes is the last thing you wanna do. what's the runoff ph.?


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  5. the runoff was about 7ish.

    Ok so no more bloom nutes - just let it be? And Continue to Ph water to 5.5ish?
  6. Are you in soil or coco?

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  7. Soil
  8. Oops. Soil not oil lol
  9. then get It to hover around 6.5 .

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  10. If it's soil you want to shoot for a ph between 6.0 and 7.0 but if you have lockout (which it looks like the beginning of to me ) than you want to water with plain water at 7.0 ph . Neutral

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