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  1. Hey, 1st post!

    I need help, my plants leaf edges are curling up.
    There are current;y 4 plants, roughly 3 weeks from germination. Using distilled water.
    Using 400w HPS in closet (4x3x7) with 2 fans on, and door open. Using promix BX, added a tiny bit of perlite.
    Plants are about 14" from bulb.
    Last watering was less than 1 week ago
    Temps 80f

    plz help!

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  2. o snap im gettin the same problem and I have the same setup. I have a setup in the basement and it was raining two days straight and I decided to keep it inside with light 48 hours straight with the light on. It was either my basement didnt have enough fresh air or maybe my water didnt have the correct pH so I went straight to the store yesterday to get some distilled water because i was using faucet water before. As far for the fresh air in the basement I guess i will have to put a fan by the window. Still waiting for results... How about you ?:cool:
  3. One of my plants did the same.I believe that is a ph prblem..At least that was my issue.May be lockup from hard water.I transplanted to an airier mix i believe also just because im the cautious sterile type.
  4. ph reads 6.5
  5. make sure you dont over fert
  6. it looks like you might need to water again. when is the last time you fed them nutes?curling of leaves can either be caused by overwatering/underwatering, underfeeding/overfeeding, or the distance of the plant to the light could also cause this effect. if you can give me more clarifaction on details i can help you out. for now though id flush water through the plant, give it a quick 4 hours of night(rest for your plant since its not used to 24/7.) and go get some soda water and foliar feed once daily with this. the boost of co2 in the water will help with photosenthesis. also i might try some epsom salt cause you might have a mg defeciency, and if you dont yet, it will def. help in the long run with making sure you dont get one in the future since your using soil. good luck man and hit me up with any questions you might have.
  7. hey all! thanks for all the replies.

    I've found that the water being used had too high a pH for sure; the water reached a pH of 8. This is why the leaves were curling. However the soil I'm using balances the pH back to a steady 6.5-7 after a few days.
    I'm thinking about using the dehumidifier water, it reads a clean pH of 7.0. Is this a good idea? I am not able to find much information on using dehumidifier water on the net. Anyone ever tried?

    Anyways, here's a pictures of the plants that had the pH issues, now 3 days into flower! Both showed their sex before flowering!

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  8. yeah you can use dehumidifier water but it could have mold or bacteria in it. So before you water shake it in a jug or you can add a tablespoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide per gallon to oxygenate the water. Doing one or the other will kill all the bacteria.

    Also if there are any copper parts in your dehumidifier you will want to flush your plants once in a while. The metal will build up if you don't causing problems.

  9. The dehumidifier is relatively new, I don't believe there would be much bacteria in it. I don't know if there are copper parts in it, I'll try checking the manual.
    It's going to have to do for now, its much better than the other water I've been using.

    What do most people do about their water/pH problems? Apart from purchasing a reverse osmosis system?
    Would it be best to let water sit for 24h, and adjust the pH with pH up/down?

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