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  1. Anybody got any tips on how to dry/cure your fan leaves to use as wraps? I'd like to roll a few cigars.
  2. u dont dry the fan leaves before rolling, you roll dried and cured herb into the fan leaves and then allow to dry. Only roll i know that uses fan leaves though is the cannabis cigar, then yoll be rolling fan leaves, sealing with bho, allowing to dry, rerolling, resticking, dry etc etc
  3. Sounds complicated, I mean the end result would be totally awesome.

    But so much work..
  4. Yep, aiming at a Cannabis Cigar. I've been putting alot of thought into it, and now that i have all the essentials, I'm trying to figure out the best way to DO it.

    Roll it fresh, let her dry, then roll it again? :confused: I'd imagine more work than that... I was expecting the need for a humidor or something to that effect.
  5. Hey Rizla, post a pic when you're done. And a report on how it smokes/tastes if you can.

  6. I posted this on a diff Thread but I figured I'd post it here for yall to :)

    lol not a blunt an actual cigar,I'll write the steps down for y'all.
    ahaha yeah I've been smokin in SF since i was 11 >.<

    Ingredients- Resin oil (I like to use THC honey oil :hello: )
    - your choice of goooood premium bud (trust me for this process you don't wana use shitty shit it takes about a month to get a good cigar, think of it as the Cuban of marijuana cigar :smoke:)
    - Bamboo sticks (like BBQ squires)
    - Twine (I like to use hemp twine :))
    - Top leafs, fan leafs, UNCURED!! (of varying size)
    - Mucho Patience (but if you're growing bud that's taken care of :smoke:)
    Step 1a- take your bud and pack it around a squire (till its about as fat as you want it)
    1b- secure your bud with twine followed by a nice good coat of honey oil (or oil of your preferred choice, just make sure its a good consistency not uber gooey )

    Step 2a-cut your twine carefully, your bud should stay on the stick due to the oil (I stick mine in the freezer for about5min so the oil stiff-ins up)
    2b-take your top leafs/"spear" leafs (making sure to remove stems, i like to use nicely sugar coated ones :hello:) wrap them around your bud stick, it's ok if it doesn't fully go around,just cover it up making sure not to layer tooo thickly (or layer thickly as an experiment for a diff smoking cigar, i did:smoke:)
    2c- secure your leafs with twine and follow by adding a nice coat of resin oil (if you "layer" your spear leafs you can coat with oil in the middle !!! just be aware that if the leafs arn't secure stickiness is GOING to be a problem)

    3- leave in a dark, dry, warm place for about a day or two.

    4a- Remove your thread (should make you wana smoke it already lol:smoke:)
    4b- Repeat the entire process using progressively larger leafs, until the cigar is about as fat as you want it :) (I prefer sugar coated ones:smoke:) DO NOT use fan leafs yet!!

    5- Use fan leafs like you did the spear leafs finish with a nice coat of honey oil and secure with thread

    6- leave your prepared cigars in a dark, dry, warm place (I prefer a cigar box under a bunch of clothes in a dresser drawer) for 2-3 week
    7a-When drying is complete remove the thread and CAREFULLY slide out that squire
    7b- store your cigars in a air tight container (old wooden cigar cases are B E A UTIFUL for this)
    The longer you leave the cigars in that container the better and stronger they get!!

    If you have questions, go ahead and ask :) I learned the process from a buddy of mines uncle OMG his cigars were the shit like don't remember yesterday good!! but he told me he got it from a book ( don't know which though) butI thought i'd pass on the knowledge :smoke:

    When I star up my grow Ill make a Visual TUT after harvest :smoke:
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  7. You should create a youtube video.

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