LBH LST+Scrog?

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by sleepysleeps, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. Hi all, this will be my second grow, first with this limited amount of space. My first was pretty successful but the box I had was way too big to keep really stealth so im cutting it down from 4 plants to one (not even femmed seeds, cross your fingers!). In addition to this major cutback im figuring im gonna have a foot and a half or so for the plant to grow vertically, so fairly short veg cycle. question one would be is what have been the results using LBH's LST technique in conjunction with a SCROG set up? I'm sure someone has done it but i wasnt sure how it turned out. I can't really think of any reason that it wouldn't work but ive only got one grow under my belt and i didnt use either technique for it. not my area of expertise.
  2. uhhhh...... the results are good?.... im not really sure what your question is....

    your asking if lbh's 4 way lst with a scrog would be a good method to grow with? yah sure, its a great method.... ive never personally used a screen, im about to get one up and running here soon though in the next 2 weeks (once my other light arrives and i can switch to flowering, ima put a screen in there)

    i didnt use lbh's 4 way.... but i lst'd them bitches my own way, and topped them and stuff...

    if i can help anymore, let me know, and try and make your question clearer... idk if i answered it really...
  3. Yea you were plenty helpful. I gotta be honest I was high as shit and for some reason I didn't think lst'ing into a scrog would work, not sure why i thought it, probably made sense to me at the time though. So uuuuhhh yup :bolt:
  4. yep, no problem, lst works fine with a scrog, great even id say... goood luck bro, happy growin
  5. The answer you seek is in the question you ask.:D

    Check out lbh's grows hes a scrogger.Not sure how many of his scrogs are with the 4way lst.I think they all have been so far with his next round trying a different style of lst to try to better his grow with in his growspace.
  6. Mine has worked great in my space and I followed his guide.

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