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Lazy eye from weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Woofer, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. I was wondering if it is possible to get a lazy eye due to excessive marijuana smoking?
  2. No lie i was wondering the exact same thing mines getting worse by the day!
  3. Ive got a legit lazy eye. But it doesnt wander because my glasses and contacts. Ive been smoking for like a year and i have gone thru times where i smoke 8 bowls a day. I really havent noticed any changes. Maybe when im hella stoned there is a slight difference but at that point im stoned and probably just paranoid about it
  4. Dude I was wondering this also, I've been wearing contacts for a while now and glasses before that and never noticed it, then like couple weeks ago my right eye lid like is a bit lower than my left it's the weirdest shit
  5. i have no clue if it does or not. but my boyfriend has a lazy eye after smoking for 4+ years. i've been smoking just as much as him and i dont have any lazy eye. weird, maybe it only affects male smokers :smoke:
  6. wait lazy eye like ones weaker than the other or as in ones always a little more closed than the other "lazy"
  7. chances are if you guys are developing lazy eyes you need to update your vision correction or look into getting contacts or glasses altogether. I really don't think it has anything to do with marijuana.

    your eye can start to wander from all kinds of shit. bad vision correction, keeping it closed all day in the sun, staring too close at something all day, etc. if you guys worry about it then I would say don't smoke and stare at the computer screen. look at things far away. it's good for your eye focus.
  8. also when you guys are checking out your eyes you're probably staring 3 feet away from the mirror. looking at stuff up close can cause people to go crosseyed as you know from looking at your nose. if one of your eyes is already weaker than the other then it wouldn't be a surprise that it goes off to the side when you look up close
  9. No matter how much I've smoked,I never get a lazy eye.
  10. Marijuana does not cause one to develop a lazy eye. Wow, i can't believe i ever had to write that.
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  11. Well considering more people on this thread think it may have some link its not that far out. And i meant lasy eye as in once more droopy than the other.
  12. i get the lazy eyelid pretty damn bad, not really a lazy eye
  13. My left eyelid droops when I am stoned.

    ONLY when I am stoned.

    Such a dead give-a-way. Luckily, I don't think anyone really notices or looks that close.
  14. I've got a lazy eye normally and I don't really notice a difference stoned if I've got my contacts in. If I'm doing a bowl to bed though, and I took my contacts out, my eyes feel super fucked up even if they're closed, I keep thinkin about how turned in the eye is and how I can only use one eye at a time. Its fucked up really.

    Lazy eye really fucks with my self-confidence -.-
  15. Its not like one eye is looking in the complete opposite direction of the other but one eyelid is more slightly closed than they other lol. I've noticed that this seems to happen alot of the time when I smoke and i've never noticed it when I am sober, So based on personal experience I would conclude that marijuana does encourage some sort of a "droopy" or lazy eye lid. I was just wondering if there was like some sort of scientific evidence towards this ha. Really bothers me and seems to bother other people as well. I'd like to hear more about this.
  16. That is impossible. The eye is just as much a muscle as any other muscle. and nothing ever goes wrong with anything else.
  17. That would be a great question for granny:wave:
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  18. b b b bump
    Been noticing one eye gets low, what do you guys think?
  19. I used to get a lazy eye when I would smoke every day and get really stoned.
    It seemed to get worse when I was stressing out.
    But I noticed that the lazy eye's socket is bigger than the one that is fine.  I'm assuming it has to see with the eye being in the socket cavity more and the muscles being more relaxed from being stoned making it worse. 
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    Dude I've been wondering this. My one eyelid droops slightly , I've been smoking for years and never noticed it before I started.
    Also a slight lazy eye which I believe is attributed to smoking so much weed and times of being stressed ..

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