Lazy Day.

Discussion in 'General' started by Heinous Anus, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. I don't know what's with me today.

    Its been overcast, rainy, gray, just dreary all day. Normally, I'm a ball of fire, running around getting things done, working, cooking, etc.

    But, today, I'm drained. Its 9:20 PM, and I've barely left my house once. I've already taken 2 naps, so far. I went out with a pellet gun earlier and destroyed some beer bottles, but, that was the most physical thing I did all day.

    I guess my body was just craving rest and finally caught up to me. I still feel so groggy and tired. I'm gonna drink this beer and smoke a fatty bowl.

    How has your guys' days been?

  2. Moderately lazy, i smoked then got some chinese food. Played video games with a friend before i went to the gym.
  3. Definitely sounds like a lazy day. I just got back from the gym, and I found out that my court date has been canceled until further notice, so I think I'm gonna celebrate with a nice bowl :)
  4. woke up at 3pm and went grocery shopping :hello: i can eat again! Thats physical for me since i don't have a car here. nothing like riding up a steep hill with 30+ pounds unevenly distributed on your handlebars and more stuff on your back.

    i think I'll log in a few hours of work time a little later, but for now, i ain't doing shit. just smoking some resin until i get my next paycheck and i can finally get a fresh bag.
  5. I can finally start the gym tomorrow! YES!

    My ribs are now healed enough, where I can handle heavy weights again. So, yes, I can now get buff again. :)

    But, I've never been so lazy. All I did was toke up, eat great food, sleep, toke again, watch a movie, eat, sleep, woke up, toked again, and started drinking.

    I rarely do this, but I've been working nonstop for months now. I guess my body had enough and shut me down for the day to rest.
  6. That's always my world. I haven't had a car in 2 years. Too much expense.
  7. a little R&R is always beneficial. :)

    personally i havent done much today myself. went to my school and took placement test, then went to the gym. nothing too exciting.
  8. yeah man, i got a decent car back at my parents place, but its such a hassle to upkeep, not to mention gas prices. i'd be shit broke if i had to worry about that. Next time I go home, i got to clean that fucker out so i can finally sell it.
  9. Heh. Spent six hours or so lifting trees/logs up and down a hill for my Uncle (They burn wood for heat during the winter months) and, ironically enough, I feel pretty good! I was filled with energy today.. can't quite put my finger on it.

    I'm like you Heinous (Most of the time); I try to keep on the move. I can't stand sitting around and boring myself to death.
  10. Just chillin, those days are my favorite.:smoke:
  11. I love those days....

    Unfortunatelly, today was not like that.

    Up at 5:00am, off to work, and then home at 5:00pm. Some dinner, some dishes and other tasks that needed to be taken care of. Drank a 40oz, and now I'm heading to bed.

    I'm jealous of your great day of relaxation.
  12. Yea, I'm up at 5 AM tomorrow for work. Sucks, but real life is harsh.

    It was a nice relaxation, but I haven't had a day like this since...maybe the first couple days after I graduated high school. 4 years ago...


    About time. :)
  13. went to work, smoked, napped, showerd
  14. Broke the laziness. Had to get up at 5 and work. Now, I'm back and waiting for my 2nd shift to start in a few hours.
  15. Yep, I'm up as well. Time to work! Haircut first.. I nearly forgot about that.
  16. go fishing yo, sounds like perfect bitin conditions

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