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  1. So every year during spring break my schools lax team goes to florida for spring training and its tradition for the seniors on the team to bring weed and alcohol to pass the time between running/practice. This year one of the seinors decideds to make weed brownies. Heres alittle backstory on him before the story continues. Hes been in a shit ton of trouble with his parents/cops this year he got caught stealing street signs drunk one night(hes 18 too) his parents are seperated and hes been kicked out of his moms house twice that i can remember.

    So he cant find anyone that will let him use their house for brownies so he decides to use his moms house while shes at work. He gets done making the butter and his mom shows up at the house. he hids everything and hes been taking care of the smell all day so theres really no way that she would know hes making brownies. So she comes in the house and shes really suspicious that hes home during the day but he tells her that he came home to pack his bags for the trip and she says ok and tells him that she has to go run some errands and she'll be back in about 3hrs. So she leave and he finishes the batter and puts the brownies in the oven. 40mins later his mom shows up at the house and theres no way he can hid what hes doing now and she flips on him. In the process she finds his cellphone and checks his sent messages for the day. He has about 20 or so to members of the lax team about bringing money for brownies/alcohol. So his mom decides to call the SCHOOL and tell the dean about whats going on.

    So its 5th period on friday and im sitting with my friends talking about what we're going to do for the next 2 weeks and my friend Zach who is captian of the lax team comes up to me and asks if i can hold 2 handles and an 1/8th for him. He tells me that the lax coach has tiped them off and that the school is going to search all their bags.

    So in the end only this kid Pat and Greg get in trouble but the school cant really do anything cause they "didnt catch them in the act" they can only guess what they were going to do
  2. God damn straight edged parents, always have to spoil the fun BOOOOOOO
  3. sounds like a damn good time.

    I play lax myself, great sport.
  4. aw dude that sucks. have fun on the trip sober :(

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