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  1. if you have your medical card is it legal to grow in apartment building if thats where you live
  2. its all up to your landlord.

    no MMJ law (as far as i know) clarifies whether or not you have the right to grow in a rental.

    i live in colorado, and luckily my landlord said i could grow a few plants : ) but i still had to ask. there is always the chance that your landlord will absolutely not be cool with it.

    what state you in?
  3. I could be wrong, but the way I see it is your growing a completely legal plant (for you). I wouldn't think someone would think to ask the landlord if they could grow tomatoes inside (assuming your paying the electrical bill), so I don't see how they're any different.

    I'd be very careful with smell by using carbon filters. Keep the door to the grow locked at all times. At least here in Michigan, it's required to have a locked door to the grow room, as well as clearly posting your paperwork entitling you to grow, in the room.

    And maybe go over your lease agreement, if it doesn't say anything about marijuana specifically, I'd think the worst they could say is to stop growing.
  4. well you may not have to ask the landlord, but some places actually forbid indoor cultivation of anything. it was actually in my friends lease lol.

    they were renting from a big apartment complex though.

    i rent from what i consider and "actual" landlord. in his lease it said nothingbout marijuana, so literally right before i signed i just told him i wanted to grow a few plants and that im a legal patient. he was cool with it as long as its legal, which luckily it is.
  5. Sigh, same question different thread - is it that hard to do a search?

    MMJ recommendations currently offer NO protection for growing or even for being a patient. The courts have repeatedly denied discrimination protection for patients growing in a rented residence, and have there have been a good number of cases where patients have been evicted from their residence for simply being a patient.

    You need to read your lease very carefully. If there is any language in there referring to illegal drug use, you cannot be a patient in that building, if your landlord wishes to press the issue, they will win in court. It sucks, but that's what it is. I'm not sure if there are any states/areas where there is protection, I haven't heard there is, but I'm not familiar with the laws in all 14 MMJ states. I know for a FACT that there is no protection in California, because a bill was put before the Governator a couple of years ago that WOULD protect MMJ patients against discrimination in both the workplace and the housing market, and he fucking vetoed it.

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