Laws in America Regarding Growing

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Puppy Whirl, May 31, 2009.

  1. Okay, so I've read that the cultivation or sale or marijuana is considered a felony.

    My grow is outdoors, next to (might be considered on) a private property. At least I'm certainly trespassing on a border of private property to get there.

    Today is the first time out of 8 times I've been there that I've even seen another person on the field at the same time, but there's an easy spot to hide behind while I'm there so they didn't see me.

    Anyway, if for some reason they find the plants and somehow I'm in the vicinity at the same time, how can I make it so I can't be convicted for cultivating the plants? How do they determine that kind of stuff? If all my visits are just composed of watering (as they will be since it's an outdoor low-effort grow), can they arrest me if I'm just caught standing in front of the plants with a few water bottles in a backpack? If I'm all dressed up in running attire?

    I dunno, my plants haven't even sprouted yet, but that event today spooked me a little bit. I also think the entrance to the spot is a little too obvious, I think I'll buy some tall grass seed and sprinkle it around or something too.
  2. If you were caught by them with water bottles, that would be a caught red handed situation, perhaps even trespassing charges, wether or not they heavily pursued it would depend on alot of factors.

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