Law of One Fact of Fiction?

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    Read, discuss, tell me if you believe it.

    I personally do believe it because i have personal experience with entities through meditation and AP.

    Page 6 freaks me out the most because it is a DIRECT reference to 2012, which can not be a coincidence because 2012 theories were not a big deal in the early 1980's.

    Let me know your opinions

    By the way, these are extremely enlightening to read when you are baked. Just trust me on that, read them out loud when you are baked and you feel like god
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  3. thank you, fixed now.
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    I read some stuff.... thumbs down. I see some false but more so alot of extremely incomplete statements, particularly pertaining to the tarot, which is basic knowledge to the Mage (also might I add anyone who can channel having attained/understanding the ability, would already have worked through the first tarot). They state that the wand in the first tarot symbolizes the will, but this is so general that it doesn't even touch what the wand really symbolizes. Saying the wand symbolizes the will only is like saying a lighter lighting weed symbolizes only fire. Yes the lighter is fire, but it specifically would symbolize lighting the weed if it were to be made into a symbol.

    To more accurately answer your statement, the first tarot is the Magician, and it symbolizes mastery of the elements both within and without. those tarot' are very incomplete, apparently some of them are "redrawn". Also Thoth, who was not a God but a man who was deified due to his superior mastery/enlightenment, was who created the Tarot, not a group of priests.

    I think if they were channeling Ra, they'd get a bit more complete information for the questions they were asking. Scam and/or imagination, as it's quite possible to create your own beings with specific qualities.
  5. I feel like if they were channeling something as great as Ra, then it would be hard to communicate.

    Knowing that Ra is a god and a great spiritual influence on the Egyptians, it must also be (if it actually exists) a great influence on the spiritual world.

    Spiritual beings communicate with thought rather than vibrational sounds. Could it be possible that the grammatical errors and run-on sentences are just a result of the entity not fully knowing HOW to communicate properly?

    Or maybe the English language just doesn't have the proper words to explain what the entity is trying to explain

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