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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by freakie, May 16, 2010.

  1. hey guys, im kinda new to weed, i love the high but i dont like the sometimes i gag after a really nice hit. i like joints and would rather smoke them over a bowl or a bong, im thinking of mixing in some lavender to stretch my weed a little bit more and to enhance the taste, what do you guys think? :smoking:
  2. if you smoke cigarettes use tobacco, spliffs taste great with a cardboard filter.
    never tried lavender though.
  3. sage works, just put only a little though
  4. you could get some flavoring for your weed. i mean at least it would give you more options. and to be honest with you i dont think lavender will enhance the taste any. i could be wrong though, ive never tried it. seriously though, if you dont like the taste get some flavoring for it at almost any headshop and just do a drop or two. it definately masks the actual taste of marijuana.

    personally though, ive never had a problem with the taste of it. perhaps you are burning stems and seeds. they can leave a stale taste in your mouth and leave a potent foul smell lingering once your done toking.
  5. Try using a vaporizer. The taste is completely different.
  6. i didnt like the taste when i 1st started either, now i love it, i think it grows on ya overtime, hell i eat every stem i get, its in my routine now, break the weed up, pick the stems n seeds out, put the seeds in a baggie with the rest and eat the stems:smoking:
  7. lol i seriously doubt that a newcomer to smoking would go out and buy a vape. although i do agree with you. its just funny how it came up.
  8. For a lot of people it's an acquired taste... Trust me sooner or later you will love the taste.
  9. Lavender works - it'd taste great. I personally use chamomile or mint sometimes when I'm not using my bowl and just want a fat joint. I'll usually just split open a pack of mint tea and use that.
  10. Think of cannabis like wine in a sense, it's an aquired taste that you will learn to love. Get some Beeline or use the sun to light your bowls, getting better weed that is not all dried out will taste much better. Taking small hits allows you to "taste" the herb.

    Do not get into tobacco, it's very bad for your health and extremely addictive, try to avoid it.
  11. just get better weed
  12. thanks guys im not ready to get a vape yet and i followed some of your advice and took some small hits and it was definatly better but im going to try some lavender in a few minutes.

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