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lavender candle in bedroom

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by misterniceguy, Nov 22, 2014.

  1. I'm gonna smoke in my bedroom tonight but I don't want any one to find out (obviously). I'm doing the towel trick and all but I'm smoking a joint which may be problematic. My room has no vents, and it's wicked small with one window. My room only fits a bed and some drawers pretty much, hard to walk in. 
    If I leave the window open and keep my yankee candle lit all night, will the smell def be gone or no way.
    I really want to smoke tonight so please help!
    Also I heard lavender takes away the smell of weed. idk, but my candle is extremely powerful so...

  2. nooooo way dude. you'll get caught fa sho. don't smoke a joint inside if you're trying to be stealthy.. rule numbero uno, the constant smoke ruins any sneakysecrets. grab an apple if you don't have a pipe and hit that instead and blow out the window.
  3. If you're gonna smoke a J, you gotta go outside.

    🎶High above at the edge of the world, we are searching for glory and peace, when the time has come, you will see our return to the land of the free!🎶
  4. Shoot I already rolled it and it's the majority of my weed. I can either go the roof which is completely flat and available or take out the weed and use a pipe. I just don't want my siblings hearing me go upstairs to the roof and such. Also going to the roof would mean going back to the room reeking of weed so... Man I am craving right now!
  5. What? "Also going to the roof would mean going back to the room reeking of weed"
    So, you're nervous about going outside because your room stinks without you even smoking a joint in it? Who cares if your siblings hear you, you're going out for fresh air...
    You're going to get mad busted man.
  6. I mean, I've smoked everything but blunts and spliffs in my room, and it never smells like weed. My rooms like yours but bigger. No vents, one window. I always have a ceiling fan going, and a box fan directly out the window.
    If you don't have a box fan, pop the screen out and hold the joint outside. Hell, lean your body outside if you aren't that high up.
    I personally prefer incense, but I've used candles before. I don't wanna say youre fine, cuz I don't wanna be responsible if you get caught, but I've done it
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    A candle, much less a scented one would just make your room smelly like perfumey weed. 
    You can try blowing the smoke out of your window, then closing it so it doesn't creep back into your room, the candle might be able to cover up the little smoke that does blow back into your room. 
  8. #8 leaf of faith, Nov 22, 2014
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    my strategy for smoking out the window that always avoids detection
    a.) towel pressed tight against the bottom of the door
    b.) table fan pointed at window on a low setting
    c.) smoke while leaning right out the window (none of this standing next to it crap, head & shoulders out!)
    d.) pill bottle or old soda bottle used as an ashtray & for the roach when finished (if tossing isnt an option)
    e.)  the fan is turned off & the window put on the latch 5 mins after i've finished
    the smell is usually gone within 4 hours
    (i'd actually say d is the most important. smoke goes away but if you have a joint butt in your room it reeks the place out. i used to get caught all the time prior to implementing d, but i never do now)
    edit - if someone tries to open the door & the towel is still there its a sure-fire giveaway. if that's a possibility, get up early to remove it
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  9. Dude, sounds good! Though leaning all the way out the window maybe a little sketchy if someone outside sees me, but whatever. Would leaving the window open until morning with the fan help?
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    you just need to get your head & shoulders out of the frame so the smoke doesnt get in.
    i used to leave the window open + the fan on all night, but its cold here so i started doing the 5 min thing & found that no-one noticed the smell.
    another tip: hold the joint far out the window at all times except when taking a draw, dont rest if on the windowsill in between puffs. also, hold it down wind if possible & blow the smoke that way too.
    i find it quite sad that i know all this...
  11. I wish weed were acceptable... Like a nice cold beer you know? So many lies...
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  12. i used to smoke joints inside. i just had a fan pointed out the open window and held the joint basically next to the screen window.
    then i turned the fan on high and left the window open and went to school.
    smelled fine when i got home
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    1. Just go outside or use a piece like everyone else said.
    2. Lavender sucks, get candles that don't smell like shit.

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