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  1. Hi GC,
    First smoke report.

    Lavender: (***Exhaling smoke through nose**)

    The Smell: Fruity, berry-ish with a hints of pine and earth.

    The Taste: A very sweet one. Berry being the immediate taste, mixed with the taste of what one would imagine would be the taste of play-dough (inferred by the, and very pleasing!!) , followed by a light planty after-taste, with a hint of pine. A very distinct "fruity taste" is what makes this herb stand out to my taste buds.

    The Smoke: Light and non-interrupting? Very clean, and pleasant to take a fat rip of.

    The High: An immediate light-weighted, happy feeling is induced, followed by a small, and pleasant surge of a nice clearheadedness and awareness. After 5-10 minutes, my body is very comfortable in my lawn chair, and a pleasant warmth in my stomach balances with the 70 degree nighttime temp.

    Overall Rating: Im very happy with the effect and taste of this herb, and a numerical rating wouldn't do it justice. I am definitely enjoying myself.

    Happy smoking :smoke:
  2. Awesome to hear Jon. i have a Lavender vegging right now and am going to run her CFL, seprate from my HPS set-up for a personal little headstash. Never tried it before but it was highly recommended by other growers when i was picking up my clones. Good to hear.

  3. Thanks for commenting. Im loving the signature picture you got :smoke:
  4. It was my pleasure. This is the first Lavender report i've read that was detailed like this. Most of them start out good and kinda fade off after the first couple lines( which i've been taking as a good sign ;) ). i have it vegging under a 600w and fluoros right now, but have a small box designed and being built so that i can finish with cfl and be a couple weeks ahead of the 6 Kryptonites i have going. Plus, imho, cfl gives a higher quality smoke than HPS. Not as much yield, but icky, sticky, and stinky.

    And that's a pretty lady in your sig. LED lighting?
  5. Thats good to hear, I've never heard that about CFLs before but I have a few girls flowering under CFLs right now and am definitely looking forward to smoking. Yeah thats LED in the sig. Those are some bubba kush plants about 3-4 weeks into flowering. I cant wait :smoke:
  6. Yeah, i can't attribute it to the cfl's completely as i'm only on my 5th grow, but i had no environment issues or any other problems. Heck that first grow is the smoothest one i've had so far. i REALLY like working with the cfl's b/c you can get them down into the canopy and hit the plant from all different angles. ONLY drawback is the occasional burned leaf b/c of having to keep them so close.
  7. wait is this a strain called lavender or did you smoke and report on smoking lavender as in the seperate plant?

  8. It's a strain called Lavender :gc_rocks:
  9. ok thats what i thought, just thought i'd check

  10. Yeah it seems like alot of growers are hating on them but I really enjoy having that much control over my lightng.

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