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    Ok high, i just watched something on TV that was so funny i, for the first time, i laughed so hard that i screamed like a pterodactyl for a straight 2 minutes. I felt like my jaw was being broken from opening my mouth so wide.
    Does anyone else do this or am i stoopid high
    like this lol

  2. As each sound wave exits his giant mouth you can practically hear the camera chicks pussy drying up more and more..
  3. what the fuck bro, that is such an annoying sound. ha
    don'tchu got anything better to do?
  4. no, only you
  5. I've only seen a real life one twice, my god if you sound like one your never getting laid

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  6. I would totally do that during sex of I could.

    But only in missionary when our eyes meet.

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